It is thought that witches are able to influence, summon or control
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the basic elements in nature, such as earth, air, fire, water and the weather. It is possible that there are others, but so far the elements have only been displayed through spells cast by the witches of Chance Harbor, and by the promotional season one posters.


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The power of earth is represented by Diana as a golden/yellow color and with a blossoming seed.


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The power of the wind is represented by Melissa as a green, glowing twister.


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The power of fire is displayed by Nick as a glowing fiery red mass around his hands.


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The power of water is represented by Adam as a luminous swirling ball of blue water, as well as levitating water droplets.


Main article: Cryokinesis

The power over ice is the power to freeze with the mind, represented as a glowing blue cold fire. This power belonged to Dawn Chamberlain before she had her powers taken from her by the Elders.


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Faye represents this power in the posters, holding an electrical current in her hand. The color is purple.


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Weather is a form of controlling things like Tornados, hurricanes, lightning,and more But you can never keep the weather calm


Main article: Photokinesis

This may or may not be Cassie's power in the posters. She has displayed the power in the show, but others believe the poster may exhibit her using energy, telekinesis or some form of fire.


Main article: Electrokinesis#Metakinesis

According to the Meade Family binding ceremony, one of the six elements may be Metal. This is presumed to be Faye's (if not lightning).


According to the Meade Family binding ceremony, one of the six elements may be Blood. This is thought it could be Cassie's element.