Elixirs are potions that can have various effects. They are made from various herbs and spices and may require a Witch's blood.

In the episode Bound, Nick Armstrong had created an intoxicating potion recipe that he found in the Meade family Book of Shadows that gave a drunk-like effect. Faye noted she detected a hint of Cinnamon in the recipe.

In the episode Heather, Adam helped Cassie make a special elixer that could nullify the effects of the sigil Amelia Blake had put on Heather to suppress the Demon Abaddon, which required some of Cassie's blood and needed to be directly applied to the sigil to take effect.

In Curse, Adam Conant and Cassie Blake triggered a Curse that would kill one member of the Circle when they have sex. The person affected by this was Jake, who started to feel guilty that he killed Calvin Wilson and the image of Calvin started to haunt him. They had to drink the Elixir in order to break the Curse. Jake became sweaty and he was starting to have these black veins which were showing through his skin, and he looked darker and very sick. Cassie asked Adam to drink the Elixir with her to cure Jake from the Curse. However, the Elixir would cause a couple to lose their feelings for each other, but Cassie's Dark Magic resulted in her still remembering her feelings for Adam because her magic is so strong. The Elixir only worked on Adam and he doesn't feel any love or nerves around Cassie anymore and he said he feels good. This Curse was not real, and it was made up by John Blackwell. He made the Curse because he said that Amelia and Ethan were so in love that they were about to leave the Circle, and if they left, that would make the Circle vulnerable. He made this Curse to prevent that from happening to the present Circle so everyone will be safe.



  • Elixir has different type of meanings; a sweet flavored liquid (usually containing a small amount of alcohol) used in compounding medicines to be taken by mouth in order to mask an unpleasant taste; a hypothetical substance that the alchemists believed to be capable of changing base metals into gold; a substance believed to cure all ills. All of these meanings are realated to substance.
  • Lethe Root was one of the ingredients required for the elixir to take away Cassie and Adam's feelings for each other. Incidentally, "lethe" is a Greek word meaning "forgetfulness" - the purpose of the elixir was to make Cassie and Adam forget their love.

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