Elizabeth Meade
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  • Female
  • Deceased
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  • Exsanguination from slit throat
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Elizabeth Meade was a Witch, a member of the Chance Harbor Circle, the wife of Charles Meade and the mother of Diana Meade, whom she conceived during an affair with John Blackwell.

Elizabeth was a member of the Meade Family.


Early Life

Elizabeth during her teens attended Chance Harbor High School and begun dating Charles Meade. During her younger years she as well as several others discovered their witch powers and bonded their Circle . Her Circle would consist of witches from those of other members from the Armstrong Family, Blake Family, Chamberlain Family, Conant Family, Glaser Family and Meade Family, all descends from the Salem Circle. Some time later Elizabeth and Charles' realtionship turned to a much more serious realtionship and Elizabeth would eventually invite Charles to join her Circle of witches.

Some time in the summer of 1994, Elizabeth and Charles had a "rough patch" and the two broke up for a couple of weeks. During the time of their breakup, Elizabeth sought comfort with John Blackwell, who had recently broken up with his girlfriend Amelia Blake. It was during this period that John and Elizabeth had a one night stand and conceived a child. She made up with Charles soon after, but knew that her child was John's. She did not want to lose Charles, however, so she never told him the truth. On April 18, 1995, while she was still in high school, she gave birth to a daughter whom she and Charles named Diana Meade. Although she fully intended to keep Diana's paternity a secret, somehow Amelia found out about it and told her that she knew the truth on the day of the Boatyard Fire and tried to save Elizabeth's life by telling her to take Diana and leave town. Who

The Boatyard Fire (42).jpg
On the night of the Boatyard Fire, Amelia Blake attempt to warn Elizabeth not to trust Blackwell. Elizabeth didn't heed the warning and instead call Amelia out on her hypocrisy and later went to the boat with other circle mates to discuss a truce between the Circle and a group of Witch-Hunters. Arriving early, Elizabeth would be one of the first to be attacked by the Witch-Hunters. Elizabeth died from exsanguination after her throat has been slit by one of the many Witch-Hunters that she had tried so hard to forge peace with. Elizabeth's death would leave emotional scars on both Charles and her daughter, Diana.


Not much was known about her personality, except that Elizabeth love both her husband and her daughter, she was afraid of losing Charles if he ever found out Diana was not his daughter, Elizabeth knew from the very beginning how dangerous John Blackwell was, was against having him in her Circle and didn't trust him, however she slept with John which resulted in her getting pregnant with his child, which made her a hypocrite. She was cautious which prooved to be correct.


Charles Meade

Elizabeth was in love with Charles when they were young. She and Charles were seperated for a few weeks and their relationship got stronger after that. She raised her daughter Diana with Charles. She was afraid of Charles finding out that John is Diana's father and losing him.

Diana Meade

Elizabeth was pregnant by John and gave birth to Diana. She would raise her daughter with Charles. She wasn't sorry that she slept with John due to him giving her a child. She prayed that she doesn't get any of his darkness. She seems to have adored her daughter, calling her the "greatest gift" John ever gave her.

John Blackwell

Elizabeth knew from the very beginning how dangerous John was, and She was against having John in the circle, and didn't trust him, however. She and John got together after she seperated from Charles and got pregnant with Diana. she was also not sorry that it happened.

Amelia Blake

She and Amelia were friends and attended high school together. She warned her about John though it was too late. She has a problem with Amelia being in control and was done listening to her. Amelia tried to warn her about the boatyard though Elizabeth decided to protect her family in her own way.


Notes and Trivia

  • Elizabeth is from one of the original Salem families (which was revealed in a tweet by Andrew Miller).
  • Elizabeth and Charles were married. When Andrew Miller revealed Diana's parents weren't married, he was referring to Elizabeth and John Blackwell. Diana's biological parents were not married but her biological mother and her legal father were.
  • Similiar to a number of her Circle female counterparts (Sophie Ann Glaser, Dawn Chamberlain, Catherine Conant, and Sara Armstrong), Elizabeth's surname as yet to be revealed, though it known that she descends from of the original Salem circle.
  • Elizabeth's death had a extremely deep emotional effect on her child, being the reason why Diana doesn't take risks with her magic, as she fears the current Circle will repeat the former Circle's mistakes.
  • The necklace she wore in the Prom flashback was passed onto her daughter in the same episode. Coincidentally both she and Diana were wearing the same necklace while they appear together while Diana was visiting the Crystal memory.
  • In the books, Adam's mother was named Elizabeth, while in the TV series it's her who has that name.
  • Elizabeth is just like her daughter as both do not trust Blackwell and both have got into heated arguments with the Blake women Elizabeth with Amelia and Diana with Cassie. Coincidentally both arguments were about John Blackwell and Both Meade Women pointing the figure at the Blake Women for letting him into their lives and the circle's lives to. Both times it has has happened Blackwell wanted a something specific from the 2 generations of the circle.
  • Elizabeth and her daughter Diana share the same Necklace given to them by Charles
  • Elizabeth was born cera 1977.