Ethan and Dawn
General Information




First Met

in their teens

Intimacy Level


Portrayed By

Adam Harrington & Natasha Henstridge

The relationship between Ethan Conant and Dawn Chamberlain.


Ethan and Dawn were in the same circle. The two weren't very close but remained friends. They survived the boatyard fire and the Elders strip them of their magic.

Season One

In episode 12, "Witness," Dawn comes to see Ethan about Charles and how he was involved in Henry Chamberlain's death. Dawn would use Ethan to get the crystal from Charles by saying he choked her knowing that Ethan had been choked by Charles himself. Ethan says he'll take care of Charles and later on tricks Charles into coming to his restaurant. Dawn came by pretending to be worried about Ethan and to ask him for the crystal. Dawn asks Ethan where the crystal is and he replies, " It's Safe." She asks to see it and he tells her, " Tomorrow okay?"  He also tells her that he thinks for the night he'll keep it. Dawn replies, " Okay. Hold onto it.  I'll see you tomorrow." 

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