• Zac Efron as Devon Donovan (Balcoin)               
    Secert Circle Season 2-203:46

    Secert Circle Season 2-2

  • Evan Rachel Wood  as Scarlett Palmer (Balcoin)                                            
  • Robbie Amell as Chase Henderson 
  • Alan Ritchson as Michael Crow 
  • Francisco Lachowski as Jason Green
  • Tim Phillipps as Grant


SCARLETT PALMER:  This new circle is older and comes from families that did not try to hide magic from them, the families used their magic to obtain wealth and power rather than hide like their Chance Harbour counterparts.  Scarlett Palmer is the epitome of this power wealth and sophistication, her powers are more honed and practiced than Cassie's or Diana's although her mother's power was not as strong as Cassie's mother and grandmother's Blake bloodline making them evenly matched. Scarlett Palmer is portrayed by Evan Rachel Wood and looks a lot like Evan did when she had red hair and played sophie anne on True Blood as seen here

DEVON DONOVAN:  Devon is not like his other siblings he tries not to use his dark magic, unless he has no choice. Devon becomes close to Diana and the two of them discover that although he has Balcoin dark magic he is not Balcoin by blood. His father stole John Blackwell's power by stealing John's lodestone ring that belonged to Francis Balcoin and conceived Devon before John found him and took his power back. Still the darkness passed to Devon during conception.  Devon looks like an older Zach Efron like he looked in "Charlie St. Cloud."

MICHAEL CROW:  Michael is the oldest member and leader of the new circle. Michael comes from a family that suffered the most casualties at the hands of the witch hunters, consequently Michael at one point in his past went on a killing spree killing multiple Hunters and witch's aiding the hunters for revenge and to protect himself and his family.  Michael is gay and is involved with Jason Green.  Michael is portrayed by "Alan Ritchson as seen in Varsity blues." abd here

JASON GREEN: Of all the members of the new balcoin circle Jason Green is the most power hungry. Jason comes from a powerfull family that went into hiding somewhere in the southeast as opposed to the families of the rest of the circle that held thier ground. Jason's family was the wealthiest of all and they lost almost everything when they went into hiding from the hunters. Jason has been collecting wealth and magical treasures including Family Crystals to make up for his families loss by any means necessary, including abandoning his own circle for a while before returning in mid-season.  Jason is gay and dates Michael Crow, he also teams up with Dawn and is best friends with Devon and recently became friends with Faye.  Jason is portrayed by FRANCISCO LACHOWSKI a model as seen here or here

CHASE HENDERSON:  Chase is the bad boy of the new circle, he is always doing his own thing much like Nick in the first season.  Chase's becomes obssesed with Faye from the get go and constantly tries to eway his circle to exert control by force over the Chance Harbor circle, he was good friends with Grant before Grant went crazy over Diana and his lust for obtaining the Dark magic that the Balcoins have.  Chase bumps heads with Jake over Faye.  Chase is portrayed by Robbie Amell.

2x01: Reunite (Part 1 of 2 Hour Season Premiere)

THE BALCOIN SIBLINGS ARE IN TOWN – Dawn discovers that Charles is alive and he’s possessed by John Blackwell. Adam is succumbing to the skull’s dark magic. Meanwhile, Cassie is confronted and attacked by one of her siblings who is looking for John Blackwell. Diana returns after she awakes and finds Grant missing. Adam meats a mysterious young women and Melissa confronts Faye which leads into a magical fight between the two of them. Cassie is united with all her siblings.

2x02: Secret (Part 2 of 2 Hour Season Premiere)

ADAM AND SCARLEET AT WAR – After Cassie gathers the circle so that they can meet her siblings, Adam discovers that the girl he met is one of them, Adam and Cassie’s sister Scarlett, butt heads after she threatens to tell Cassie his secret. Faye is seen using her magic in public and Melissa shows Michael around town but realizes he may not be interested in her or any women at all.

2x03: Betrayal

ADAM FINDS HIS POWER- Scarlett takes it upon herself to teach Adam how to use dark magic, Adam and Scarlett become closer doing so. Chase kidnaps Faye, with plans to kill her while Jake and Diana don’t believe that the siblings have the best intentions and go to Jake’s Grampa for help only to discover his body. Melissa discovers that Faye has been kidnapped and asks Cassie for help.

2x04: Truth

CASSIE DICOVERS A TRUTH ABOUT HER FAMILY- Cassie and Melissa try to save Faye but discover she’s in even more danger when they see her and Chase kiss. Adam’s dark magic starts rising to the surface, Jake and Diana return to town. Meanwhile, Logan finds the Skull and brings it to Melissa after that. Diana is reluctant to re-join the circle while Sparks fly between Cassie and Jake. 

2x05: Conflicted

FAYE USES MAGIC TO GET HER WAY- Cassie finds out Adam has dark magic when he kills a man that attacks her. Diana meets Devon Balcoin and they bond over their magic. Meanwhile, Scarlett comforts Adam after his fight with Cassie. Dawn warns the circle of Charles. Faye finds herself conflicted about Chase and tries to solve her problems with magic but it jumps back at her when Jake tries to kill Chase.

2x06: Liaisons

DANGEROUS LIASIONS -  Faye tells Jake the truth about her feelings for Chase. Grant returns to Chance Harbour and kidnaps Diana.  Michael, Faye, Chase, and Melissa go out drinking and Michael and Chase get into a fight when Chase brings up someone names Jason Green. Michael wins the fight and reminds Chase that he is the oldest member of the circle and has more power, Faye steps in and almost kills Michael but Melissa stops her. Meanwhile Adam discovers that Cassie and Jake got intimate. Cassie discovers that Devon has good magic inside him and doesn’t want to be evil.

2x07: Lovely 

SPELL BOUND – It is Valentine’s Day in Chance Harbour, and all hell breaks loose. Melissa and Michael are practicing when a spell goes horribly eerie. Adam and Cassie are put in to so trance that makes them tell the truth about everything, while Scarlett and Chase resurrect Scarlett’s mother but a demon possess her. Dawn discovers one way to save Charles, meanwhile, Diana finds out a dark secret Grant’s been keeping. Faye continues her search for power and to her dismay, Jake blames Chase for the death of his Grandfather. 

2x08: Within

THE SEARCH FOR CONTROL – After Adam tells Cassie he’s still in love with her, Cassie searches for a way to take his black magic away, but after he gets out of control, the Circle must make a difficult choice. Meanwhile, Faye makes a dangerous decision to gain more power… After Jake rescues Diana they team up to expose Scarlett, and Ethan may know a way to save Adam from himself.

2x09: Choice

SIBLING RIVELY AT A WHOLE NEW LEVEL – Scarlett, Diana, and Cassie are at war over what is best for Adam after he kills a man with his dark magic. Dawn finds hidden parchments that indicate there are more family crystals and magical objects out there; the idea of her using the crystals to steal a witch's power arises. Meanwhile, Jake finds a crystal that tells the future and discovers that another powerful member of the new Balcoin Circle is headed to Chance Harbour with something powerful. Scarlett and Adam sleep together, Scarlett and her brother take things to a whole new level when they recruit Faye to help them save Scarlet's mother.

2x10: Stars

FROM DARKNESS COMES EVEN MORE DARKNESS – When Cassie goes to see Adam she discovers Scarlett and him—Cassie loses control and her dark magic is released. The Circle unites and discovers that Adam may be the only one that can save Cassie, but it will take his dark magic to do so. Charles attacks Diana but she is saved by Devon. Meanwhile, Faye makes a deal with a Dark Witch to have more power… but with dangerous consequences. Adam gives up all his magic to save Cassie. Jason Green shows up in Chance Harbour and finds Michael and reveals that he is alive and has two new family crystals as well as a collection of other powerful magical objects including a large ring that belonged to Francis Balcoin. With Jason the Balcoin Circle is at full power with all six members in town.

2x11: Untold

A TRUTH UNTOLD – After making a deal with the Dark Witch, Faye has more powers than ever and her first goal is to kill Cassie with the help of Scarlett. Cassie is helping Adam regain his abilities, Melissa and Michael become possessed and sleep together, Jason finds out and storms off consumed with finding the other crystals. Dawn has a plan to save Charles. Meanwhile, one member of the Circle is at the edge of death. Cassie discovers there is no curse on her and Adam. Faye kills Scarlett's mother after she attacks her, the demon drawn to her new power. Dawn is almost killed by Charles when she meets Jason and he saves her.

2x12: Vision

JUST A DREAM – After Faye is attacked by the Dark Witch she enters in a deep sleep. In the dream, she is the leader of the circle and a dark one, and that she has completely destroyed Chance Harbour and her mother is dead. When she awakes she finds the circle including the Balcoin siblings are gathered around her and she is forced to tell the truth. Jason agrees to help Dawn defeat Charles and even get her full power back if she hands over the documents she has pertaining to the family crystals.

2x13: Coma

ONE MEMBER OF THE CIRCLE IS DYING – Cassie discovers that Scarlett wants to destroy her, so she needs to destroy her first, leading into a battle between the two most powerful witches of the circle, Diana enters a coma. After Cassie discovers that her sister entered into a coma, she does everything in her power to save her with the help of an unlikely ally, Scarlett and Cassie are able to pull their sister out. Meanwhile Scarlett does something she will regret. Cassie tells Adam there is no curse. Faye is attacked. Jason and Dawn set a trap for Charles evolving 3 crystals and the Balcoin ring.

2x14: Evil

EVIL IS COMING – Jake finds Faye passed out at her house—almost dead, Melissa tells Michael that she saw Jason and Dawn talking in secret. Meanwhile, Jake needs to choose between Faye and killing the Blackwell siblings. Adam and Cassie fight when she blames Scarlett for Faye almost dying. Jake discovers a new evil is coming. Jason and Dawn use the crystals to force Charles into a circle of symbols that prevent him from leaving it. They then use their powers along with the three crystals to draw out the demons and burn them. However, Jason double crosses Dawn and uses the Balcoin ring to draw out the dark magic that the demons possessed and absorb it into his own power. Melissa and Michael show up and confront Jason just as the spell is completed. Dawn seeing him distracted steals the crystals and leaves. Jason is enthralled by his new powers and Michael want nothing to do with him.

2x15: Future

THE FUTURE IS HERE – The Circle uses the crystal Jake found to discover their future, but they find a future in chaos, destroyed by an evil witch. Hearing of Jason's new power they think he may be the one and hunt him down. However, Jason's new powers still don't appear to be as strong as Cassie’s. He gives the Balcoin ring to Devon since Devon is his best friend and Jason has already used the ring to obtain the power he wanted. Jason then makes good on his deal with Dawn and shows her a spell in his own Book of Shadows that will give her, her full powers as an Elder, in exchange for the crystals she took. Dawn is taken by the elders after they sense her new powers and Adam tries to show Cassie the light at the end of the tunnel. The Circle discovers that the evil that is coming is actually… Francis Balcoin.

2x16: Kneading

THE CIRCLE TRYS TO HELP MICHAEL AFTER HE LOSES CONTROL – Michael, Jake, Faye, Diana & Melissa make a spell and they bring Charles back. Meanwhile, Jake tells Diana that she needs to battle her siblings …. Dark Magic V.S Dark Magic. Michael is captured by Grant and forced to tell the horrors of his life before Chance Harbour. Jason saves Michael and talks Grant into joining the Circle and helping him find the crystals. Jason and Michael go home and kiss and hook up after Michael see's that Jason saved him and isn't letting his powers get the better of him.

2x17: Sisterhood

TWO EPISODES LEFT FOR THE 2 HOUR SEASON FINALE – Cassie tries to kill Scarlett, which leads Diana to take out her dark magic and save both her sisters. Meanwhile, Dawn starts her transition to being an Elder. Faye fights with Cassie and Jake discovers that John once forced Scarlett and Devon to use their abilities for evil. Jake sleeps with Scarlett and evil is still coming to Chance Harbour. After reading about the Balcoin Ring in Jason's Book of Shadows, Grant see's that Devon is wearing it and steals it.

2x18: Pandora

ONE EPISODE LEFT FOR THE 2 HOUR SEASON FINALE – Melissa, Michael, Faye and Jason use the crystal and see Grant is the evil and try to figure out how that could be. Devon and Diana get close after discovering they may not be related. Meanwhile, Cassie finds a Pandora box and opens it, to save herself and the others from Scarlett who is harbouring demons along with her dark powers. Cassie manages to stop Scarlet for a while but the spirit of Francis Balcoin is released from the box and possesses Grant who is wearing the lodestone Balcoin ring he stole from Devon. Faye and Jason use the family crystals and their collective dark powers to stop Grant for a while, but he recovers too fast and too furious...

2x19: Control (Part 1 of 2 Hour Season Finale)

THE SEASON FINALE IS HERE, THE PAST IT’S THE ONLY WAY OUT – After Cassie and Scarlett begin to fight an unlikely person steps forward to help Adam save them and Adam uses the Crystal Skull that was thought to be destroyed… Devon, Adam, Jake and the others close the Pandora’s box but not in time, and Adam is forced to kill Grant using the skull which everyone thought he destroyed and doing so he reposes his dark magic.

2x20: History (Part 2 of 2 Hour Season Finale)

THE END IS HERE - Faye makes the mistake of telling her mother what has happened and as an Elder she reports the incident but begs them not to do anything drastic. The Elders convene and strip the Circles of their abilities to prevent the two Circles from binding together. But what the elders don't know is that dark magic cannot be stripped and Cassie, Dianna, Faye, Devon, Scarlet, Jason and even Adam still have their dark powers. Michael uses Jason's own crystals against him to keep Jason's dark powers in check then Michael finally agrees to help Jason and the others who aren't overcome with dark magic (Melissa, Chase, Jake) to find the remaining 3 crystals and one day use them to restore the good magic that the Elders stripped away. Grant's sister, Angela, shows up looking for her brother and wondering what happened to her powers. Jake takes an immediate shine to the beautiful girl who says she may have easier way to get their powers back. And the series ends with Cassie and the others using their dark magic to interrogate an Elder who reveals there is another Circle in the country with two Balcoins but that they reside in witch hunter territory. Cassie and the other dark ones set off to kill all the hunters they can and possibly bind with the circle to form a new Circle of 12 which the Elder says would be more power than they have ever experienced.

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