Faye, Lee and Eva
Type Love
Status inactive
Origin Lucky
Objectors none

"I’d never be caught dead in a kitten heel. I’m really more of a stiletto."
— Faye to Lee after finding Eva's shoes in his place.

The love triangle between Faye Chamberlain, Lee Labeque and Eva.

Season One

Faye began to hang around Lee and he would tell her about Eva. Lee planned to awake Eva from the coma using a totem he gave to Faye and the one under Eva's bed. Lee and Faye began to fall in love, meanwhile Eva began to awake from her coma.

Lee saw Eva awake for the first time and the two would try to reconnect. Faye was going to ask Lee to Casino Night though he refused. Faye came by and discover that Eva is awake and assumed that Lee lied to her. Lee came to Casino night and admit that he wanted Faye while Eva watch the whole thing. Lee admit to Eva that he is in love with Faye which Eva was to happy to hear. He discover that Eva has magic which she got from Faye and would try to help her even though their relationship was over. Eva killed Lee by making him old and would keep his body around.

Faye began to worry for Lee when she hasn't heard from him. Faye found Eva in Lee's house and she told her to leave. Faye came back with Diana and Meade while they looked around Lee's house. They got arrested and Eva was able to free them. Faye continues to go to Lee's house while discovering that Eva has her magic and that Lee is dead. Eva asked Faye to help her bring Lee back, Faye couldn't help Lee due to him being dead. Faye was able to break the connection with Eva by destroying the totem. Eva returned to normal and was sorry for killing Lee even though she didn't want to kill him.

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