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Season oneEdit

Oh for God's sake, spit it out! You're a witch. You're a full-blooded, hundred percent witch. We all are. There, done. (to Cassie)

Do you want to try it again? 'Cause I didn't quite buy it, did you? (to Diana)

I don't mind being alone. Unlike you, Melissa, I like myself.

Don't be that pathetic girl who thinks "He will change for me". They never change. (to Melissa)

I was a kid then. Now I'm a wicked witch.

Who died and made you Queen witch? (to Cassie)

Wow! This is what it takes you to get more excited! A little girl with a knife ... (to Jake)

I'm a sexy witch doctor.

Doe-eyed Orphan Annie breezes into town acting like she doesn't the difference between witchcraft and Santa Claus.

You're a one-woman relationship wrecking crew. (to Cassie)

No smartass. We are the mean girls. (to Lee)

How does this bitch get a free pass and I get burned to the stake?

That's my Circle there. Tell me how to stop it or I'll use this power to turn your life into a living Hell. (to Lee)

Trying to sneek out before you wake up and I realise what a mistake this was.

I was just trying to get a mental picture to prevent this from ever happening again. You, me, and an overwhelming feeling of shame. (to Jake)

I think you're confusing me with one of those sad girls who will wait for a guy to choose. (to Lee)

You can't live in the past. Especially when the present looks like me. (to Lee)

Oh, God. Imagine if there was another Cassie running around. You could each have one. (to Adam and Jake)

I'm grateful that I never have to see Adam bat his oversized lashes at her undersized head ever again. (to Melissa)
I can’t believe I just rifled my mom’s underwear drawer. No one that old should have that many thongs.

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