The relationships that Faye Chamberlain has with various characters throughout the series.


Dawn Chamberlain

Main article: Faye and Dawn

Faye grew up without a father and has only been raised by her mother, her model, which makes Faye and Dawn are really similar on some points, such as their determination. Despite the fact they can argue sometimes, the two seems to really care and to be there for each other when it's needed.


Jake Armstrong

Faye jake traitor
Main article: Faye and Jake

Faye and Jake used to date before he left Chance Harbor, they broke up after he broke her heart. She still had feelings for him though. When he became close to Cassie Blake, she became jealous, but later came to accept that Jake has feelings for Cassie. She claimed to be over him after they slept together. But later on she tries to interact with him as often as she can. Ever since Prom, both seem to admit their love for each other.

Lee Labeque

Faye Threatens Lee
Main article: Faye and Lee

Lee used Faye to make his ex-girlfriend return from the dead. But he fell in love with Faye. They at times had really sensual scenes. When Lee's ex-girlfriend did come back from the dead, he found out that he loved Faye.


Melissa Glaser

Main article: Faye and Melissa

Faye and Melissa are best friends and hang out together more often. Faye became her best friend when Diana was seeing Adam. Faye and Melissa care for each other and even help one another through troubling times. She would often tell other people like Nick to be nice to Melissa.

Nick Armstrong

Main article: Faye and Nick

Nick was the boyfriend of her best friend Melissa and the younger brother of her boyfriend Jake. The two were close and would hang out together. She would tell Nick to be nice to Melissa. She became saddened due to Nick's death and would use his elixir to remember him by. She told Melissa that Nick loved her during his wake.

Cassie Blake

Main article: Cassie and Faye

Faye's relationship with Cassie is mutual inspite that she used to tease or bother her whenever she could. However, she often used to get jealous of Cassie's relationship with Jake as well as her individual magic. She deeply cares for the Circle, and therefore for every member, even Cassie. But Faye often thinks that Cassie gets to many chances and feels as though the circle accepts Cassie when she she makes a mistake but "burns her at the stake". At times Faye worries about Cassie if she gets into a dangerous situation.

Diana Meade

Diana 1
Main article: Diana and Faye

Faye would challenge Diana's decision and the two would have disagreements. Faye would sometimes be bother by the relationship of Diana and Adam though still accepted their relationship. She can consider Diana a friend and would hang out together. She is also jealous that Diana is the second with individual power just like Cassie. Diana is Faye's cousin in the book.


John Blackwell

Faye and John
Main article: John and Faye

Faye thought she was John Blackwell's other daughter for a while and, while it was later known that was incorrect, she looked sad and disappointed he was not her father; probably because she hoped she would finaly have both more power a father figure in her life.


Sally Matthews

Main article: Faye and Sally

She has a problem with Faye's attitude and the two would be rivals. She was pushed by Faye's magic and nearly got killed until Dawn revived her. She became suspecious of Faye due to her involvement with her injuries.


Main article: Faye and Eva

Faye learned from Lee about Eva. She met Eva while she tried to reach Lee. She became suspicious about Eva after not hearing from Lee. Faye discovered that Eva is using her magic. Faye broke the totem and Eva became a normal girl.

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