Faye and Dawn
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Phoebe Tonkin and Natasha Henstridge

The relationship between Faye Chamberlain and Dawn Chamberlain.


Faye was born to Dawn and Thomas Chamberlain. Her father died in the boatyard fire and has been raised by her mother for the rest of her life. Faye was close to her grandfather Henry but only visits him due her mother and Henry not liking each other. Dawn learned that Faye found out that she is a witch and planned to Cassie to Chance Harbor to join the circle to restore her powers. Dawn has show to care for her daughter a lot despite her plans to use the circle.

Season One

Dawn works as the principal of Chance Harbor High School where her daughter attends. They received a visit by Henry who Faye was happy to see. Faye nearly got Sally killed by her push and Dawn used the crystal to revive Sally so Faye wouldn't be filled with guilt. Diana told Faye that her mother is dating Diana's dad. Dawn heard of Zachary Larson going after Faye and the circle, she asked Charles for her help in stopping him. Faye and the circle were able to stop Zachary and Dawn came by to see them.

In Beneath, Faye was heading to her grandfather's house and Dawn tried to convince her not to go. Dawn called Charles to find out that he moved Henry's body so that Faye wouldn't see. Faye found her grandfather dead in the water and was devastated. Dawn came to see Faye would was crying for her grandfather and
Dawn comfort her. Faye wasn't aware that her mother is responsible for her grandfather's death.

In Balcoin, Faye blamed her mother for keeping her grandfather far from Chance Harbor due to her sadness for her grandfather.

In Lucky, Faye talk to her mother about who she would date and she suggest Cassie's dad John Blackwell.

In Traitor, Faye distract her mother while Jake searched her purse. Faye found her mother's crystal and gave to John, Dawn later found out from John himself. She talked to Charles about Faye taking her crystal for John and suggest that they take care of John themselves for Faye and Diana.

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