Faye and Henry
General Information




First Met

the Day of Faye's birth

Intimacy Level


Portrayed By

Phoebe Tonkin and Tom Butler

The relationship between Faye Chamberlain and Henry Chamberlain.


Faye grew up without a father who died in the boatyard fire and became close to her grandfather. When Faye was six she was drowning and Henry saved her. She only visits her grandfather due to her mother not liking him.

Season One

Henry came to visit and Faye was happy to see him. Henry saw Faye with the children and got worried that they are using magic. Henry was killed by Dawn without Faye knowing.

Faye went with Cassie and the circle to Henry's house to find it empty. Faye began to be haunted by her's memories as a child due to Henry's magic floating around after his death. She went to the lake and saw her grandfather's body in the water. She cried for her grandfather's death since then.

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