Faye and Lee
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Faylee, Flee



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Intimacy Level


Portrayed By

Phoebe Tonkin & Grey Damon

"I think you're confusing me with one of those sad girls who will wait for a guy to choose."
— Faye to Lee after discovering Eva's back.

The relationship between Faye Chamberlain and Lee Labeque.

Season One

The relationship began in the episode Darkness. When Faye found Lee's website online and thought he could help her get her solo magic back, their relationship was thought to be only motivated for power However, a physical attraction had already be noticed between the two.

As time progressed, they started to gradually fall in love with each other and in the same time, Lee was still helping Faye in getting her powers back. When in the episode Return Faye learned the totem Lee had given her previously was syphoning her powers, she confronted him, and he broke the totem, admitting his love for her, and the two hooked up.

However, when his ex-girlfriend, Eva, woke up from her coma, she found out he had fallen in love with Faye. When he told her he was choosing Faye, in Lucky, she killed him by accident with the powers the totem had stolen from Faye.

In the episode Curse, when Faye was suspicious of what Eva told her about Lee - that he had gone to take some time away from the girls, she began to investigate, but discovered Eva had powers. When the ex-girlfriend learned that Faye was a witch, she admitted what she'd done to Lee and asked her for help - she wanted to revive Lee. But Faye knew it was impossible, and tricked Eva to break the totem. Faye was once again left heart-broken after a break-up.


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