Finn Creek is a town/city introduced in the episode Heather and is pretty much an abandoned place.

According to Adam this town/city used to have many people, but they left because there were no fish left. This is also the place where Heather Barnes and her brother, Wade Barnes lived.


When Cassie wanted to see what Heather is now that is worst than death according to what Zachary said. She went here to investigate with Adam. Cassie and Adam met Wade Barnes who is the brother of Heather. He first didn't want to let them come in, but told them to come in anyway. She found out Heather doesn't move at all looking like she is frozen and never had move ever since, but after Cassie came so close to Heather she moved and grab Cassie's hands. Adam quickly released Cassie and the two go away from the place. Leaving Behind Wade clues of what has just happened.

Cassie went back with Faye to perform an inverse spell on Heather, believing she would be normal again. They thought it didn't work and get out off the house. A period of time later Heather woke up which her brother was shock and happy, but she knocked him out and went finding Amelia who she believes to be alive.


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