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School Dance


Chance Harbor High School

How come this bitch gets a free pass and I get burned at the stake?
Faye about Cassie
Fire and Ice Dance took place in the episode Fire/Ice.


While Diana and Melissa joined the organization committee, and Ethan decided to chaperone the Dance, Faye went to see Lee and find another way to get her solo magic back. Adam decided to invite Cassie to the Dance, but she refused because of her friendship with Diana, Adam's ex-girlfriend. Everyone seems to enjoy the party. Diana's dancing with people, Melissa revives her friendship with Diana, and Adam talked to Diana about Cassie. But Faye and Lee performed the ritual and Faye steals away Cassie's Dark Magic.

She then goes to the party to have a little fun with her new magic: opening lockers, freezing glasses, setting things on fire. But while she enjoys her power, the Circle's members except Cassie start to feel dizzy. It's then revealed that the spell did not steal away Cassie's magic but the circle's. Seeing how her friends so weak, she chose to undo the spell. But her magic did still get out of control and the gym went on fire. However, Melissa stayed unconscious in the gym and Cassie run to save her, but she got unconscious too before she could get them out. Jake saved them however and took them outside, before vanishing. Later, the Circle argue about Faye's guilt and she got angry about Cassie being considered innocent whereas she's the most dangerous.


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