Diana using Geokinesis

Geokinesis is the ability to manipulate the earth in its various forms, such as rock, sediment, nature and plantlife. This is a common elemental power employed by witches.


Season 1

This ability is thought to be Diana Meade's predominant element, in that she can wield it the best, and use it to stronger effect than other circle members. Kate Meade has demonstrated this power when she buried Cassie underground in an attempt to rid her of her dark magic.


Earth manipulation comes in varying forms and sub-elements, such as "terrakinesis", which is the ability to manipulate and control solid rock and sediment formations, such as stone, brick, dirt, mud and basic rock. With this power, one could levitate and throw rocks, form solid structures out of rock and mud, causes landslides, avalanches and earthquakes. "Geokinesis" is a broader idea of earth, in that one with this ability could manipulate both earth (rock) and nature (plantlife) as well. "Gaiakinesis", "chlorokinesis" and "ecokinesis" are all different names referencing the same ability to manipulate nature and plants. One with these powers could animate and control plant life, rapidly speed up the growth of plants and possibly communicate with them.



The ability to manipulate rock, sediment, stone, mud and clay.


The ability to animate, manipulate and rapidly grow plant-life.


The ability to manipulate both the plant and rock forms of nature.

Known Users

Witches who have displayed this power are:


it is involved in the "Earth Cleansing Ritual".


  • According to the promotional season 1 posters, this is shown to be Diana's main element; however, Diana has not yet used this power in the series.
  • Her grandmother Kate is shown to have the same power over earth like Diana does, meaning individual powers such as elemental control can pass down to a new generation. However, it is implied that Charles didn't have this power before he was stripped of his powers by the Elders.
    • However, we have learned that Diana is not a Meade by blood, so it is possible she could have gotten this power from her mom's side of the family.