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Isaac was the leader of a group of Witch Hunters whose mission is to rid the world of all witches. He was also Jake Armstrong's mentor and close friend.


Early life

Not much is known about Isaac's early life. Two years before Cassie Blake's arrival in Chance Harbor, he met Jake Armstrong, a troubled young witch who was suffering from his parents' death, and triggered his anger toward witchcraft. He taught Jake how to be a Witch Hunter and helped him enter the society of the "True Believers", also taking advantage of Jake's knowledge and magic to kill other witches.

First assault

Isaac was first seen in an old part of the harbor, discussing with Jake of Simone's murder, despite the fact that she was a fellow witch-hunter and doubting his loyalty in this mission.[1] He planned an assault on the whole Circle during Halloween Night using the help of Jake's magic to prepare Witch Cruids, so that their magic wouldn't grow stronger or pass down onto other witches. He also managed to have Witch Hunters, Luke and Ian, invited at the party Cassie Blake was organizing. Once they were all captured, he let Luke kill them and left. He learned from Jake that Cassie had Dark Magic inside her and that she couldn't be killed this way, but he didin't listen, until he saw Luke being burnt akive by Cassie.[2] Isaac decided it was urgent to strike the Circle after an Elder, Henry Chamberlain, was killed by someone who wasn't a Witch Hunter.[3] After Jake found out what was Cassie's true origin, he went to tell Isaac, who was surprised to learn that the Balcoin line had survived and renamed itself in Blackwell. Isaac told Jake they couldn't kill Cassie anymore but had to take her to their headquarter so that the Council could deal with it. Isaac later informed Jake they would leave with Cassie during the night because they were something more important beside all of this. The Council also wanted to use Cassie's powers as an advantage. After Isaac captured Cassie, Jake tried to stop them with the help of the Circle. While he was distracting the hunters, Adam freed Cassie and both left. Before leaving Chance Harbor, Isaac told Jake Cassie wasn't the only child of John Blackwell in the Circle.[4]


Isaac returned and asked Jake to bring him the Balcoin medallion, so that the plan to kill Cassie and the Circle would be given up. But the true reason was that without it, she wouldn't be a threat for them anymore and she would be easy to kill. After Cassie destroyed the Medallion to save Adam Conant's life, the Hunters were reassured and felt it would be easy to kill Cassie.[5] According to Ian, Isaac was killed by Eben after he disagreed several times to use the Demons after he refused Eben's order to kill the Witch traitor, in fact Nick Armstrong.[6]


Jake Armstrong

Main article: Jake and Isaac

Isaac was close to Jake when he was a witch hunter. He told Jake that magic killed his parents and Jake would kill witches with magic. Isaac notice Jake being to close to Cassie which is interfering with Jake's focus. Jake betrayed him to save Cassie. He came back to see Jake for the medallion to help him and the circle. Isaac couldn't do nothing for him when Jake brought a piece of the medallion. Ian came to tell Jake that Isaac is dead out of respect that Isaac has for Jake.

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Notes and Trivia

  • His dead body was never shown on-screen.
  • His actor, J.R. Bourne, also plays the role of a hunter of the supernatural on the show Teen Wolf, as werewolf hunter Chris Argent. The difference is that Chris lives by a code where he only hunts werewolves that have harmed humans, and only with proof, and he never kills younger werewolves (such as children or teenagers). Isaac had no such scruples, showing himself more than willing to kill five teenage witches for simply existing.