Jake, Cassie and Faye
Type Love
Status active
Origin Wake
Objectors Adam, Melissa

The love triangle between Jake Armstrong, Cassie Blake and Faye Chamberlain.

Season One

Before Cassie came to Chance Harbor, Faye and Jake were dating until he broke up with her and left town.

Jake returned after his brother Nick died. He visited the Boat House where he met Cassie for the first time and Faye saw Jake return. Cassie was more friendly to Jake than the rest of the Circle, not having a past with him. Faye assumed that Cassie and Jake were together which seems to made her jealous. In episode Beneath, Faye plays truth or dare on Cassie and asked if she is interested in other people's boyfriends. Cassie repond's with dare and Diana tells her to kiss Jake which she did and made Faye more jealous. When the two pull away, Faye accuses Cassie of ruining relationships. Cassie snaps back and tells her to blame herself, which causes Faye to run off. Jake has grown more closer to Cassie which Faye later accept that Jake cares more for Cassie.

Jake returns to warn Cassie about the witch hunters and offer to help. Faye ran into Jake and tells her that Cassie wouldn't understand and that she not his type. Cassie became a little distant from Jake and more close to Adam. At the end of Medallion , Cassie asks Jake if he'd ever killed a witch. She takes his silence as a yes, which makes her upset. Jake later calls Faye over and they hook up. The next day at school, Faye tells Melissa that she is over him. 

In Crystal, Cassie went with Jake due to her not being with Adam and Faye tagged along. They would visit Royce Armstong in search for his crystal he has hidden in the mine. They later talked about the Blackwell conspiracy and that Cassie isn't the only Blackwell in the circle. They would try to stop Callum from getting the crystal. Jake and Cassie tried to help Adam and Melissa but only Jake could help them. Faye tried to use her magic on Callum's bike but Cassie used her magic. Jake was able to mark Callum and warned him not come back to Chance Harbor.

In Traitor, Jake and Faye found her family crystal though it's out of power and Cassie was got to ask Diana to help recharge the crystal. They talked about the Blackwell conspiracy to Diana and later Faye's crystal got stolen by the traitor witch. They went to see Isaac to find the traitor witch but met Ian due to Isaac being dead. They located the crystal to an old carnival, Faye went with Jake while Diana went with Cassie to find the crystal. They found Ian and the other witch hunters killed by the traitor. Faye and Jake found the hiding place of the traitor and found Jake's family photo. Cassie and Diana stop the traitor and got their crystal back, they later found out that the traitor witch was Nick who is alive.

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