The relationships that Jake Armstrong has with various characters throughout the series.


Nick Armstrong

Main article: Jake and Nick

Nick is Jake's younger brother and the two were close. Jake would hear from Nick about his neighbor Cassie Blake and how Jake would like her. Jake seem to care for his brother even though he doesn't express it.

Royce Armstrong

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Jake wasn't very close with his grandfather due to him thinking that he is a crazy man. Jake meet his grandfather again while searching for the crystal. Before Jake left to find the crystal, He and Royce said their goodbyes and hugged.


Cassie Blake

Main article: Jake and Cassie

Ever since Jake Armstrong blew into town, Cassie couldn't help but feel a pull towards him, with the both of them bonding over their deceased loved ones. Initially distrustful, Cassie became more friendly with him, and introduced him to the Circle as a witch. Despite everyone's warnings, Cassie finds him charming, as she didn't know him while he grew up with the others, so she made her own opinions on the newly "reformed" Jake. Cassie's friendship with Jake has provoked response from other members of the Circle such as the heartbroken Faye and the jealous Adam. (At first Jake shows no interest in Cassie, but later on he thought Cassie was supposed to be with him as in destiny)

Faye Chamberlain

Main article: Faye and Jake

When Jake lived in town, Faye had a love interest towards Jake. When he comes back, Faye seems very interested in him. It's predictable that Jake used her when he needed her, but he never responded the same way Faye did. After Faye noticing he's back in town, she actually says she was just a girl when she fell for him, and tells him that she didn't miss him.

When Cassie and Jake spend time together, Faye shows jealousy, especially when Cassie kissed him when they were playing Truth or Dare in Beneath. After they kissed, Faye and Cassie have a fight, and she leaves the house. In Jake's side, it's seen he never felt anything for Faye, recently jake and faye seem to be flirting more and more often, even reminicing about their old relationship together.

In Medallion, Jake called Faye over to his house and they hooked up.


Melissa Glaser

Family 10
Main article: Jake and Melissa

Although Melissa and Jake didn't interact much, they have a relationship. At first Melissa was thinking that her and Jake could become good friend because they both love Nick, but Jake rejected her. He pretended that he had nothing in common with her and the rest of the circle and that Nick deserve what happened to him. Melissa had been shocked by his answer and said that maybe everything bad was on him. In the episode Fire/Ice, Jake saved her and Cassie who were trapped by fire. In the episode Valentine, she was the only one who told him where Cassie was after he begged her. In the episode Lucky, Melissa tried to help Jake with his obsession for Cassie, and she acted like a friend with him even if he seems to dislike her. When Jake was sick because of the "Curse", Melissa tried to help him, like the rest of the circle, and made an elixir with John Blackwell. In the episode Crystal, Melissa and Jake try to find their own family crystal. But, when Callum try to speak to Melissa, Jake came up and fight with him, but Melissa stop him, implied that he cares about her, maybe like the other members of the circle, except for Adam, or maybe like a friend.



Main article: Jake and Simone


Adam Conant

Main article: Adam and Jake

Jake and Adam have been on bad terms with each other since Jake took advantage of Adam and his father by robbing the Boathouse. Later, Jake and Adam developed a rivalry for Cassie's affection. Jake is jealous of Adam's relationship with Cassie, but he still has feelings for her. Although Jake and Adam still don't trust each other, they are often willing to work together while being with the Circle or when Cassie's in trouble.


Main article: Jake and Isaac

Jake work with Isaac while he was a witch hunter. Jake learned from Isaac that magic killed his parents and Jake would kill witches. Jake betrayed Isaac and the witch hunters to save Cassie. Isaac came to see Jake for the medallion so he could spare Jake and the circle. Jake was going see Isaac for his help but later learned that he is now dead. Despite jake betraying the witch hunters it seems as though jake cared about isaac, almost like a father son relationship.

John Blackwell

Main article: Jake and John

Jake began to work with John for Cassie. The two would help Cassie in every way they could. John used magic on Jake without him knowning that its John. John told Jake that he can be redeemed and allowed to live which help Jake a lot.

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