Chris Zylka as Jake Armstrong and Britt Robertson as Cassie Blake on The Secret Circle S01E17 Sacrifice 7
Jake and Cassie
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Cake, Jassie


Friends, Attracted to each other, potential lovers.

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Chris Zylka and Britt Robertson

"You're cute when you're angry."
— Jake to Cassie

The relationship between Jake Armstrong and Cassie Blake starts in the episode Wake, after the death of Jake's brother, Nick Armstrong. Unique among the members of the Circle, Cassie doesn't judge Jake over his past actions and instead sees Jake's vulnerability and compassion beneath his devil-may-care exterior. Isaac, Jake's witch hunter superior, warns him that Cassie Blake is very compelling, insinuating that Jake could very easily fall for her and thus turn rogue on their group's witch-hunting agenda. Yet even though Jake tries to deny his feelings towards Cassie, he seems to be falling for her all the same.

They are referred to as Cake (Cassie/Jake) .


Cassie knew Jake's younger brother, Nick Armstrong, before he died. She didn't like his brother as he frequently spied on her through his bedroom window, which was situated right across from her's.

However, after Nick's death, Cassie was seen crying after getting a glimpse of Nick's empty bedroom, suggesting she had begun to care for Nick before his passing.

Season One

After waking up to a sound, Cassie witnesses Jake putting out a crescent-shaped fire in his backyard. Confused by who he is, Cassie asks her grandmother, Jane Blake, about him. It is revealed then that Jake is Nick's long-absent older brother who has come back for his funeral. Jane also reveals the circle remains unbroken, since Jake, being Nick's brother and from the Armstrong bloodline, completes the circle in Nick's place.

Jake and Cassie formally meet when he comes to the Boathouse, angering both Adam Conant and Faye Chamberlain, the former because of money Jake stole from his father while under his employ, and the latter due to their unpleasant romantic history.

After Jane warns Cassie not to reveal the circle's existence to Jake, Cassie goes home only to find Simone, a witch hunter, waiting to ambush her. While walking outside his house, Jake hears Cassie scream as she is fighting against her attacker and runs into the house to help her. Both Jake and Cassie cast a spell that burns Simone's eyes, causing her to flee.

Cassie learns that Jake found out his witch heritage through his own family spell book, which he found before leaving town years before. Yet before they can talk further, Jane returns home, sending Jake on his way.

The next day at the wake, Jake and Cassie talk more, but are stopped by a jealous Adam, who remains angry at Jake. After Jake says some truthful yet insulting facts about Ethan Conant, Adam and Jake break into a fight; however they are quickly stopped by Cassie and Diana Meade, Adam's girlfriend .

Outside, Jake and Cassie have a heart-to-heart talk with Cassie revealing that she and her mother, Amelia Blake, moved from town to town trying to escape their witch heritage and its dangers, but ironically, Amelia never found the peace she longed for. Jake replies that he was never looking for peace when he ran away.

Jake is accused by fellow witch hunter Simone of siding with the Circle's witches, especially Cassie. She rebukes him, saying "You were closer to kissing her than killing her!"

Cassie notices that Jake is missing after seeing him walking with Simone and follows the two. As Simone is about to kill Jake, Cassie quickly stops her by using the crystal her grandmother gave her. In the struggle over the knife Simon wields, Jake kills Simone, shocking Cassie.

Meeting outside Jake's house, the two talk once again. Cassie manages to get Jake to stay for awhile, so that the Circle remains whole.

Cassie and Jake kiss for the first time.

In Beneath Jake and Cassie go with Faye to vist her grandfather Henry. As they are told to make a fire, Jake states that he wants to use magic, as he says "Doing magic with someone can tell you a lot about them." As Cassie begins to chant he tells her "no words," and they share a charged moment as he stands close behind her and they light the fire using their combined magic. Later when they are playing Truth or Dare, Faye becomes irritated with Jake's interest in Cassie, and asks her "Do you ever plan on going after someone one of us hasn't slept with?" Instead of answering, Cassie goes for a dare and Diana dares her to kiss Jake, which she does. A jealous Faye storms out. Later Cassie and Jake are alone and when he tells her to try a spell on her own she asks him why he cares. Spurred on by their previous kiss and her growing attraction to him, Cassie kisses him again. This time, however, Jake pulls away. Jake's ambivalence about Cassie is due in part to his growing attraction to her, which is in direct opposition to the Witch-Hunters' scheme to kill Cassie and the other Circle witches.

As the season progresses, there are a few other moments where we see Jake fighting against his feelings for Cassie by trying to keep her at a distance. The most notable one being in Balcoin when Cassie asks Jake to a party, to which he replies "I'm not interested." Cassie is dismayed by his refusal of her advances, but when she leaves, we see that Jake is just as frustrated as Cassie. He violently tosses his belongings across the room, showing us for the first time, the depth of the emotion that Cassie elicits from him. Later, while watching Cassie get ready for the event through his window, he changes his mind, and makes the decision to attend the party with her. At the party, Jake and Cassie share a dance and an intimate conversation, where Jake makes it clear to her that he likes her.


Cassie: What do you want?
Jake: To apologize.
Cassie: For stealing those from our garden?
Jake: Okay, two things. I feel something between the two of us too. I… I’m just not totally sure how to deal with it.
Cassie: 'there's something between us, I feel it'
Jake: 'I feel something between us too, I..I'm just not entirely sure how to deal with it'.
Jake: 'you kind of took me by surpisee from tee first time we met'.

Jake: 'You know deep down it really should be you and me that should be together'.
Cassie: 'you're wrong'
Jake: 'you know you don't really belive that'.


  • Cassie and Jake's relationship in the books is really Cassie and Nick, since Jake's character never existed.
  • Cassie often looks to Jake for advice about her Balcoin bloodline, the Witch-Hunters' agenda, and information about her father, as Jake seems to have a greater knowledge of witch history and magic than the other members of the Circle.
  • Cassie and Jake have an undeniable chemistry that they start to explore but gets interrupted when Jake leaves with the witch hunters
  • In the Balcoin episode Cassie tells Jake 'there's something between us, I feel it'
  • Later in the same Balcoin episode Jake tells Cassie 'I feel something between us too, I..Imm just not entirely sure how to deal with it'. Still later he says 'you kind of took me by surpisee from the first time we met'.
  • In the Cursed episode Jake tell Cassie 'You know deep down it really should be you and me that should be together'. Cassie replies 'you're wrong' to which Jakess responds 'you know you don't really belive that'.