Jake and Isaac
General Information



Former Allies

First Met

Pre-Pilot/2 years ago

Intimacy Level

Mentor/Student/Father figure

Portrayed By

Chris Zylka and JR Bourne

The relationship between Jake Armstrong and Isaac.


Sometime after Jake left Chance Harbor, he joined a group of witch hunters led by Isaac. Jake used his magic against other witches.

Season One

Jake came back to Chance Harbor to kill all witches. He went to see Isaac after he killed Simone, Jake assured Isaac that he will continue his mission to kill witches. Jake prepared the witch cruids for each member of the circle. Isaac planned to kidnapped the witches at a party at Cassie's house and Jake went with Ian and Luke. Jake learned that Cassie has dark magic and came to stop Isaac from going through the plan. Jake told Isaac that he is heading to Henry's house with Cassie and Isaac believe that Jake is falling for Cassie which Jake denies.

In Balcoin, Jake reveal to Isaac that Cassie comes from the Balcoin family and that she is the daughter of John Blackwell. Isaac told Jake that they are leaving and he should prepare. They received orders to bring Cassie to the council and Isaac told Jake to convince Cassie to go with them. Isaac was able to kidnapped Cassie and Jake tried to stop them. Jake was able to save Cassie with the circle's help and he left with the witch hunters. Isaac told Jake that Cassie isn't the only child of Blackwell in the circle.

In Valentine, Isaac return to see Jake though Jake wasn't to happy to see him. He asked for the medallion of John Blackwell which Jake refused. Jake went to see Isaac about the dead witch Cassie saw and Isaac told him that the dead witches will come for Cassie as long as she has the medallion. Jake came to see Isaac with a piece of the medallion and Isaac told him that he should have accepted his deal. He can do nothing for Jake and the circle.

In Traitor, Jake suggest that they see Isaac after their crystal was stolen by the traitor witch. They went to see Isaac but meet Ian instead. Ian told Jake that Isaac is dead and that Eben killed him.

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