Jake and John
General Information




First Met


Intimacy Level


Portrayed By

Joe Lando and Chris Zylka

The relationship between Jake Armstrong and John Blackwell.


Jake was there at the day of the boatyard fire where the witch hunters were going to kill John Blackwell. Jake lost his memory of the day. He learned about John and the Balcoins from Isaac and his book of shadows.

Season One

Jake began to help Cassie to learn about John Blackwell while discovering her dark magic. He learned about the bad deeds that John has done.

Jake learned that John Blackwell has returned to Chance Harbor. Jake went to see Eben while trying to save Cassie, Jake told Eben that he can bring John to him in exchange for Cassie. Jake brought John to the witch hunters though Jake went with Eben while Cassie went with John. Jake and the circle helped Cassie and John after they freed Jake from Eben. John went to see Jake and thanked him for saving Cassie. John suggest that they work together.

Jake learned from Cassie that Ethan might be the traitor from the boatyard fire and told John about it.

John used magic on Jake to get Cassie and Adam to break up. Jake believed that he shouldn't live though John believed that Jake can be redeemed.

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