Family 12
Jake and Melissa
General Information




First Met

in childhood

Intimacy Level


Portrayed By

Chris Zylka & Jessica P. Kennedy

The relationship between Jake Armstrong and Melissa Glaser.


Melissa has been through with Faye when her relationship with Jake was broken. Melissa became close and romantically involved with Jake's brother Nick Armstrong.

Season One

Jake came to Chance Harbor after his brother had died and Melissa and Faye saw him coming in the Boathouse. They visit Nick's grave and talked about Nick. She thought that they could be friends due to their love for Nick but he rejected her friendship. Jake believe that he wasn't there for Nick and Melissa thinks that its on him.

In Fire/Ice, Melissa and Cassie were saved by Jake without knowing it.

In Valentine, Jake came by Faye's house to find Cassie and asked Melissa to tell him where Cassie is.

In Lucky, Melissa began to help Jake with his thing for Cassie.

In Crystal, Melissa and Jake began to find their own family crystals. Callum came by to talk to Melissa and Jake came up and fight until Melissa stopped him. Melissa helped Adam and Jake take Callum out of Chance Harbor.

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