Jake and Nick
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First Met

Day of Nick's birth

Intimacy Level


Portrayed By

Louis Hunter and Chris Zylka

The relationship between Jake Armstrong and Nick Armstrong.


Jake and Nick are brothers who lost both their parents in the boatyard fire. Jake was more troubled than Nick was. Jake found his book of shadows before Nick could. Jake left Chance Harbor to join the witch hunters while Nick stayed and joined the circle.

Season One

Jake and Nick

Nick and Jake

Before Nick's death, Jake got a call from Nick about his nextdoor neighbor Cassie and how Jake would like her. Jake returned to town after his brother's death and would take his place in the circle. Jake was bound to the circle due to their bloodline. Jake became close to Nick's neighbor Cassie Blake and would have a relationship with her. The two would talk about Nick and Cassie knew that Jake still cares for his brother even though he doesn't express it.

In Prom, Jake learned that the traitor witch is Nick. Jake accepted that the person they saw is not Nick and that Nick is dead. Jake struggle with his feelings for his brother and would use a knife to kill him with. Jake and Nick went up against each other and Nick was going to kill him until he got stabbed by Melissa.

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