Jake and Royce
General Information




First Met

Day of Jake's birth

Intimacy Level


Portrayed By

John De Lancie and Chris Zylka

The relationship between Jake Armstrong and Royce Armstrong.


Jake learned that his grandfather became obsesse with his conspiracies after the funeral of Richard and Sara Armstrong. He had little contact with his grandfather ever since then.

Season One

Jake came with Cassie and Faye to his grandfather's house to search for his family crystal. Royce met Jake and his friends, he used magic on them and they used their magic to push the table. He learned from Jake that Nick is dead and the circle has been bound. He told them about the Blackwell conspiracy how John wanted children from the circle. He told them that the crystal is located in the mine that is spelled to keep witch with Dark Magic from entering. Jake came back to check on his grandfather after Callum has stolen the map to the mine. They said their goodbyes and hugged before Jake left.

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