James Conant
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"There's nothing I'd rather see than John Blackwell out of your lives, but trusting the Witch Hunters is reckless."
— James, to Amelia. [src]

James Conant was the father of Ethan Conant, grandfather of Adam Conant, and the father-in-law of Catherine Conant. He used to be a history teacher at Chance Harbor High School as well.

James was a member of the Conant Family.


Early life

Not much is known about James except that he must have been a member of the first generation of the Chance Harbor Circle.

The Boatyard Fire

It is revealed James never trusted John Blackwell, like many other Elders. When Amelia Blake also uncovered the truth about him, he gave her the Conant Crystal so that she could protect herself. After she planned with Ethan to use a truce with the hunters to kill John Blackwell, she came to give him the Crystal back and ask him to lie to Ethan, to tell him she doesn't love him anymore before she would leave Chance Harbor on her own. After this, he hid and cloaked the Crystal in the school, beside a trophy in the gym.[1]

After the fire

Not much is known neither on what happened to him after the events of the Boatyard, except that he surely was among the Elders who stripped the survivors of their magic and that he sometimes took care of his grandson, Adam Conant, telling him stories and playing with cloaking spells .[2]


Prom 1

Amelia Blake

He was shown to be very protective over Amelia, giving her his family Crystal so that she could protect herself and disapproving her plan to use the witch hunters to kill John Blackwell. He probably would have appreciated she and Ethan to be together in the end, as he wasn't really pleased to lie to his son and was perfectly aware she would still love him.

Ethan Conant

Adam Conant

Not much is known about their relationship. What is known is that he spent a lot of time with his grandson, often telling him stories and distracting him by cloaking an old lucky coin.


Notes and Trivia

  • He displayed a rare talent at cloaking and uncloaking objects, which he often used to distract his grandson Adam.
  • He digs on girls' magazine when Melissa and Adam were able to open the secret "drawer", they find a girls' magazine displaying that he enjoyed that type of magazine.
  • He was shown to care a lot for Cassie's mother, because he gave her his family crystal.
  • He's the only Elder to appear in a flashback.
  • James is the fifth Elder that appeared in the series.
  • James shares the same first name as John Blackwell's grandfather, James Blackwell.