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Joe Lando and Gale Harold

"I will never be on the same side as John Blackwell, again."
— Charles to Dawn Chamberlain about his relation with John.

The relationship between John Blackwell and Charles Meade. They used to be allies during their time in the circle and are now enemies in present time.


Charles use to follow John along with Dawn while they were in the circle. He sided with John against the truce with the witch hunters. He managed to survived the boatyard fire as well as John would was assumed dead. Charles lost his wife Elizabeth and blames John for not keeping her safe. Charles continues to raise his daughter Diana who unknown to him until recently is John's biological daughter.

Season One

In Curse, Charles learned that John has returned to Chance Harbor. He and Dawn worked together to find out what John is up to. He went to see Jane and used the crystal to get her to tell him what she said to John and Cassie. He asked Jane to help him kill John.

In Crystal, John came to talk to Charles for his help which he refused to give. Charles came by Jane's house to see her preparing a spell to immobilize him and a witch cruid to kill him with. John came to see Jane and got trapped by the spell. Charles lit up a match for the cruid which Jane blew so she can question John about Amelia's death. Jane refused to kill him but Charles went against Jane's advice to kill John. He lit up the cruid which ended up killing Jane by mistake due to John switching the cruid. John took the crystal and kept Charles alive for his further use.

In Traitor, Diana told Charles about her mother's relationship with John and that John is her father. He told her that he's her father not John. He told her to stay away from John and to not trust him. He confronted John about his affair with his wife and the two fought. He told John that he is taking Diana away from Chance Harbor and that John will never see her again. John asked Dawn to stop Charles from taking Diana away from the circle. Dawn convinced him to stay to help her stop John from getting the circle killed.

In Prom, John planned to break the bond between Diana and Charles by putting a spell on Charles. Charles is haunted by John's spell in the form of Amelia Blake. His plan worked in the end.

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