John blackwell21
John and Dawn
General Information




First Met

In their teens

Intimacy Level

Close Acquaintaces

Portrayed By

Joe Lando and Natasha Henstridge

The relationship between John Blackwell and Dawn Chamberlain.


Dawn worshipped John during her time in the circle. John's plan for the circle was to have children with the female members of the circle. She had feelings for John and had an affair with him at one time. She tried to get pregnant by John but was already pregnant with her husband's child. John already had children with Amelia and Elizabeth. She survived the boatyard fire along with some witches while the other were dead. She attend John's funeral when he was presumed dead.

Season One

John and Dawn met each again years later at Chance Harbor High School though the reunion wasn't what she expected. She contiuned her plans to restore her powers by persuading John. She confronted John after Cassie and Adam broke up from the curse that she never heard of. She realised that John still has his powers and was afraid of Cassie and Adam's destiny. John told her that his powers aren't enough to protect the circle. John went to see Dawn to convince her to stop Charles from taking Diana away from Chance Harbor. He would help her restore her powers and to be rid of the Elders. She would talk to Charles about John's plan for the circle and that its up to them to stop John.

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