John and Eben
General Information




First Met


Intimacy Level


Portrayed By

Joe Lando and Sammi Rotibi

The relationship between John Blackwell and Eben.


John and Eben have a history together either before or after the boatyard fire. Eben used magic to capture John and kill the other witches. Eben was about to have John killed by burning him until John used the medallion to kill the witch hunters. Both John and Eben survived the boatyard fire though Eben assumed that John is dead.

Season One

John learned from Jake that Cassie has been captured by Eben. Eben exchanged Cassie for Jake and let Cassie and John go. Eben was able to spell Cassie to kill John though it failed. Cassie and John talked about Eben's power and John told Cassie that he is no witch.

In Sacrifice, John got a message from Samuel about Eben's plan to summon demons and tried to stop him until John was knocked unconscious. Eben got the demons in his body and John told the circle to let him go. John got the circle to start searching for crystals to use on Eben.

In Prom, John challenged Eben while the circle went to help Cassie. John was defeated and Eben captured Faye and got away.

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