Return 2
John and Ethan
General Information




First Met

in their teens

Intimacy Level


Portrayed By

Joe Lando and Adam Harrington

The relationship between John Blackwell and Ethan Conant.


It is known that Ethan Conant has a rivalry with John Blackwell for Amelia Blake. John was able to keep Amelia and Ethan apart so he would end up with Amelia. Amelia discovered the truth of John's betrayal and asked Ethan for his help in killing John. Ethan used a sway to give Eben the power to kill John but used the power to kill the other witches before he tried to kill John. Ethan assumed that John had died in the boatyard fire.

Season One

Ethan encountered John again years later and was shocked to find out that he is alive. He tried to keep John away from Cassie by telling him to leave Chance Harbor.

Ethan would stab John until Cassie witnessed the event and Ethan would run. Cassie stopped Ethan from escaping and would try to kill Ethan until John told her not to. John came to see Ethan to talk about how he tried to kill John with the witch hunters by giving Eben power. John kept his secret from the others in exchange that Ethan keep Cassie's dark actions a secret. Ethan reveal to John that Amelia wanted him dead so they would be together. John told Ethan that the Blakes and the Conants together is a curse.

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