John and Jane
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Joe Lando and Ashley Crow

The relationship between John Blackwell and Jane Blake.


John joined the circle and had a relationship with Jane's daughter Amelia though Jane was against it. Jane thought of killing John due to his hold on Amelia. John was presumed dead by Jane and everyone else.

Season One

John manipluated Jane about the curse on Adam and Cassie. Jane wasn't happy to see John even with her memory problems. Charles freed Jane from the spell and she accepted to help him kill John.

Jane was preparing a spell to trap John with and a cruid to kill him with. John came to see Jane and was trapped by Jane and Charles. Jane blew out the match so she can use the crystal to question John about Amelia's death. John told her that Amelia ran away from both of them and was telling the truth. Jane refused to kill but Charles decided to light the cruid. Jane got killed due to John switching the cruid for Jane.

John told Cassie and the others that witch hunters killed Jane.

Ironically, they have the same initials : J.B. (That leads Cassie to think the paper that Calvin gave her was about her grand-mother, not her father.)

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