Power of leaf have I over thee. Power of root have I over thee.
— Laurel invoking her power against Black John [src]
Laurel Quincey
General Information
  • December 1, 1975
  • Female
  • Witch
  • High School Student
  • The Club
Relationship Information
  • David Quincey † (father)
  • Melissa B. Quincey † (mother)
  • Unnamed (great-grandmother)

Laurel Quincy is a kind sixteen-year old girl who resides in New Salem with her family. Laurel is the only child of David Quincy and Melissa B. Quincy. After the arrival of Cassie Blake, Laurel initially finds Cassie unappealing, however she later becomes a good friend of Cassie, and helps her to control her powers. Throughout the series, Laurel is commonly noted for her proficiency of brewing magical potions, and casting spells to heal her alcoholic step-father. She is compared with the vegetation goddess Persephone.

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