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Lee Labeque was a Voodoo practitioner, the ex-boyfriend of Eva and the ex-boyfriend of Faye Chamberlain. He was accidentally killed by Eva when he told her that he was in love with Faye.


Early life

Not much is known about Lee's life prior to Darkness, except that he was once a drug dealer until his girlfriend Eva overdosed from Devil's Spirit. He also met Callum during this time.[1]

Helping Faye get her magic back

Faye Chamberlain found a website online about a guy who was a descendant of Voodoo pratictioners and who could potentially help her getting her magic back, so she asked Melissa Glaser to come with her and also stole a spell from Cassie Blake's Book of Shadows. When the two met Lee, they asked him to help them perform the spell. However, it happens that he performed a fake ritual, and when Faye realized it, she came back to his place and trashed it, until he showed up and told her he knew about her being a witch. He told her he would help her if she made a deal that could benefit them both.[2] Some days later, Lee talked with Faye about her having lost her magic since she bound her Circle. When she came to his place, he told her that he assumed someone in her Circle had Dark Magic and that he could extract it in order to put it into her. After having stolen a necklace from Cassie's, Lee tethered Faye to her Dark Magic and when the ritual was complete, Faye got supposedly what she wanted. While Lee kept secretly some of Faye's blood, she discovered she didn't get Cassie's magic but the Circle's magic, so she threatened the Voodoo practitioner to tell her how to break the spell, and reversed the spell.[3] After the Fire and Ice Dance events, Lee was still helping Faye with her magic, when a old acquaintance of him, Callum, arrived and asked Lee to get him some Devil's Spirit, revealing to Faye Lee used to deal. Lee came back with the drug for Callum and after a brief fight, Callum left. He later told Faye why he stopped dealing - that his ex-girlfriend Eva got an overdose of it and stayed in a coma since then.[1] Still trying to help Faye, Lee offered her a voodoo totem supposedly to help get her more energy. When Diana Meade accidentaly pushed Faye, breaking the totem, Faye called Lee so that he would fix it. Having made a spell to call a handsome pizza guy, Diana rushed to the door to kiss him, but it happened to be Lee she was kissing - Lee then fixed the totem. He was later seen putting a similar totem, along Faye's blood taken at the Fire and Ice Dance, under Eva's bed.[4]

Falling in love with Faye and death

After Diana learned Melissa had gone to a party at Callum's, she and Faye asked Lee to help them find their friend. There, he told them that there are "good" and "bad" voodoo users. Arriving at the party, Diana pointed out how Lee was protective of Faye, before they split up to find Melissa. When Melissa explained Faye that totem takes energy rather than gives it, Faye understood Lee used her. Lee was waiting for Faye in her room when she returned from the woods, and the two of them kissed after Lee broke the totem to show how much he loved her. Meanwhile, Eva woke up from her coma.[5] Planning to invite Lee to Casino Night, Faye went to his place, but he answered he couldn't come. Returning later, decided to get another answer, she discovered Eva was still alive, and that Lee had lied to her, and she left, broken-hearted. However, Lee finally joined her at the party and told her he wanted her and only her, but Eva followed him. When he joined her, he told her he was sorry and told her their relationship was over. Lee was killed by Eva at the very end, due to her rapidly shifting his age forward, with Faye's witch powers that were transferred through the totems that Lee created.[6]



Faye Chamberlain

Main article: Faye and Lee

The relationship between Faye and Lee began in the episode Darkness.
When Faye found Lee's website online, she though that he could help her get her solo magic back, and their relationship was thought to be only motivated for power. However, a physical attraction had already been noticed between the two. As time progressed, they started to gradually fall in love with each other and in the same time, Lee was still helping Faye get her powers back. In the episode Return, Faye learned the totem Lee had given her previously was syphoning her powers, so she confronted him, and he broke the totem, showing his love for her, and the two hooked up.


Main Article: Lee and Eva

Lee seemed to care a lot for Eva. Despite the fact that she was in a coma, he felt responsible for her and kept her at his house, looking for ways to bring her back. Even when he told her he was chosing Faye, he wasn't willing to give up his research for ways to help her.


Main Article: Callum and Lee

Callum was a friend of Lee and also practice Voodoo like him. Their friendship ended when Faye learn about the same totem that she got from Lee.

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Notes and Trivia

  • Lee was the first mortal to appear who was descendent to any type of Voodoo magic on the show.
  • Lee was killed by Eva shifting his age forward, right after she told him they should have grown old together.
  • Lee was the first to try to help Faye get her solo magic back.