Lucky 13
Lee and Eva
General Information




First Met


Intimacy Level


Portrayed By

Grey Damon and Alexia Fast

The relationship between Lee Labeque and Eva.


Lee and Eva were in love and both practice Voodoo. Lee was a drug dealer until Eva was overdosed and fell in a coma. Lee has been taking care of Eva ever since then.

Season One

Lee would try to help Eva by using Faye's magic with a totem under her bed. Eva awoke from her coma and Lee was happy to see her awake. Their relationship became complicated due to Lee's feeling for Faye. Lee admit that he is love with Faye which disappointed Eva. She became mad at Lee when broke up with her. Lee discovered that Eva has powers and would try to help her even though they are over. Eva killed Lee with magic. She tried to undo what she had done to Lee though it was too late. She return to normal and admitted that she didn't mean to kill Lee to Faye.

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