Lethe Root is a herb that can be used for the elixir to take away ones feeling for another witch or circle member. This root was used on Adam Conant and Cassie Blake.


Lethe Root in the Blake Book of Shadows.

The roots purpose in the elixir is unknown, but must have added a kick to it to make Adam forget his feeeling for Cassie and only remeber his relationship with her but not the love that they shared.

The origin of the page is unkown, but it is said that Cassie's mother wrote it down for an unkown purpose. But the creator of this page may be John Blackwell.

The root, however, has its limit - it cannot make a witch with dark magic forget their love for the other person just as in Cassie's case it made her very sad and lonely.

The root is mostly found in trees hollowed out by rot, this is the only main part of the elixir.


  • "Lethe" is a Greek word for "forgetfulness", and is one of the five rivers in the Greek Underworld.
  • In the Night World series (created by the same author as The Secret Circle), the Cup of Lethe is a potion used by witches to make people forget their memories of the supernatural.
  • In the popular TV series Buffy The Vampire Slayer Willow Rosenberg, a witch used a herb called "Lethes Bramble" in a spell to erase someone's memory.

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