Maeve Howard
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  • Female
  • Deceased
Cause of Death
  • Heart Attack
Killed By
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There's nothing frightening in the dark if you just face it.
— Grandma Howard's last words to her granddaughter Cassie Blake [src]

Maeve "Grandma" Howard is a supporting character in The Secret Circle. She is the mother of Alexandra Blake and therefore the grandmother of Cassie Blake, to whom she provided great knowlege of witchcraft.


Black John's First Resurrection

Grandma Howard, like all the other witches on Crowhaven Road, didn't recognize Black John when he returned. However, when all the women started giving birth within one month of each other, Grandma Howard and the others suspected something more sinister at work. Eventually, half of Crowhaven Road's Circle left their children with the Crones and went to confront Black John. None of them returned, having burnt Black John alive and sacrificing themselves in the process. Following this, the parents who survived tried keeping witchcraft from their children. However, Grandma Howard foresaw her granddaughter Cassie's destiny in leading the next generation of the Circle against Black John should he return. Alexandra, however, was frightened at her daughter's future and disagreed with Grandma Howard about Cassie's destiny. This led to an estrangement between the two women, resulting in Alexandra leaving New Salem with Cassie.

Cassie Blake's Arrival

Black John's Second Resurrection and Death


Despite what her outside appearance may suggest, Grandma Howard was a loving and kind woman. She was considered wise and knowledgeable by many, notably her granddaughter Cassie. Grandma Howard displayed a great knowledge of witchcraft, particularly the magical properties of herbs.

Physical Appearance

Powers and Abilities

Though Grandma Howard didn't reveal the extent of her powers, she possessed an affinity for herbs and plants, implying that like Laurel Quincey, her working element is Earth.


Alexandra Blake

Due to their disagreements over Cassie's destiny, Grandma Howard became estranged from Alexandra when she left New Salem. However, both women loved each other very much nonetheless.

Cassie Blake



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