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Power of rock have I over thee.
— Melanie invoking her power against Black John [src]
Melanie Glaser
General Information
  • November 7, 1975
  • Female
  • Witch
  • High School Student
  • The Club
Relationship Information
  • Marshall Glaser † (father)
  • Sophia Burke Glaser † (mother)
  • Constance (great-aunt)
Character Information
First Appearance

Melanie Glaser is a charismatic sixteen-year-old girl who resides in New Salem with her family. Melanie is the only child of Marshall Glaser and Sophia Burke Glaser. After the arrival of Cassie Blake, Melanie becomes friends with her. She has a lot of knowledge on crystals, which is vital for the final battle with Black John. She is compared to the wisdom goddess Athena.

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