General Information
  • Female
  • Alive
Relationship Information
Melissa Glaser's Unnamed Grandmother is a Witch living in or around Chance Harbor, Washington. As a member of one of the founding families of the Chance Harbor Circle and an Elder, she was in possession of her family Crystal. She had it hidden among several other crystals with no magical properties and had it spelled so that it wouldn't be discovered. She is Melissa Glaser's grandmother.

Notes and Trivia

  • It is still unknown whether she is Patrick Glaser or Sophie Ann Glaser's mother. Due to this uncertainty, we are unable to tell if Holden Glaser is her grandson.
  • While she has yet to appear in the series, she is implied to be somewhat powerful with magic as she is an experienced Elder and she was capable of hiding the identity of her family crystal from two witches simultaneously.
  • she is the sixth Elder that is mentioned in the series.

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