Melissa and Callum
General Information




First Met


Intimacy Level


Portrayed By

Jessica P. Kennedy & Michael Graziadei

The relationship between Melissa Glaser and Callum.

Season One

In Medallion, at Adam's birthday party Melissa met Callum when Faye invited him. He became interested in Melissa and became her devil's spirit dealer.

In Valentine, Melissa began to use the devil spirit she got from Callum and shared some with Diana. She had an overdose later on and was helped by Diana and Faye.

In Return, Melissa was invited by Callum to a party and had some fun with voodoo. He used a totem like the one Faye got from Lee and they made a connection. He felt the energy from Melissa and discover that she is a witch , she threaten him and left with Faye and Diana .

In Crystal , Callum came to see Melissa until Jake came by and they fought. Callum went to the mine to find the crystal that Adam and Melissa have. Callum used a gun while in the iron in the mine blocks magic. He asked Melissa to leave with him though she refused. The circle were able to stop Callum from escaping. She helps Adam and Jake to take Callum out of Chance Harbor, they marked him and told him never to return. She never saw Callum again after that.

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