aka Richard Adams

  • I live in North America New York City Queens
  • I was born on January 22
  • I am Male
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  • Hi! Thanks for your contributions on the relationships pages! But, I would like to give you some tips on formating pages ; I guess you're copying text from the characters' pages onto those pages directly, but to ease the designing of such pages, it would be better to copy the source code rather than the visual code (when editing). First, because it avoids errors of formating due to the copy-paste system (e.g with pictures, size, etc), and then for the links, which appear as "[1]" instead of xxxx. If you could try to do this, then I wouldn't have to come behind you to correct mistakes, which would be greatly appreciated. :)

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  • Hi! Could you please stop removing the bold to the title of the pages? It's a common rule among wikis to have the bold to highlight the title of the page appearing at the very top. And as well, please stop adding "the" everywhere ; it is both unnecessary and redundant. Thanks for your comprehension. I assume you'll stop without needing a second warning. 

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