It's a small town; quite often it's not shown on maps. But as a matter of fact, it's on island.
Alexandra Blake to her daughter Cassie Blake about New Salem [src]

New Salem is the town where the Circle lives in the book series and located on a little island in the Boston Harbor. It was founded by several witch families who settled there after running away from the Salem Witch Trials.


  • There are not exactly six witch families forming the Circle in town but an unknown number of families which have some shared blood line throughout their history.
  • There are no other witch families in town. The other inhabitants are all mortals.
  • The mortals in New Salem know about witchcraft and the witches in town. They also fear them.
  • Unlike in Chance Harbor, the previous Circle died in an unsuspected "hurricane", not in a Boatyard Fire. This hurricane was caused by magical means to kill John Black, the previous Circle having discovered his plan to create a perfect Circle to rule over the world.

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