Nick, Melissa and Faye
Type Friendship/Love
Status inactive
Origin Pre-Pilot
Objectors N/A

The relationship between Nick Armstrong, Melissa Glaser and Faye Chamberlain.

Season One

Nick was the first one to see Cassie Blake and Faye and Melissa would meet her in person. They introduce themselves to Cassie and Faye would tell her that she is a witch.

Faye tried to convince Nick, Melissa and Cassie against the idea of binding the circle. At the Sea Fair they tried on a elixir that Nick has made and Faye tasted cinnamon in the recipe. After Faye nearly killed Sally, they bound the circle.

While Faye was trying to figure out how to get her powers back, she noticed how Melissa's relationship with Nick was falling apart. Faye told Nick that Melissa likes him and he better be nice to her.

Nick and Melissa saw Faye in Cassie's house being attacked. They came to help Faye and Cassie against Heather Barnes being possessed by a demon.

Melissa became possessed by the demon and asked Nick to dig a case out. Faye and Nick realize that Melissa was possessed and they restrained her. The demon later possessed Nick and escaped while Faye stayed with Melissa. Faye heard that Nick is dead and told Melissa which made her cry.

Faye continues to help Melissa with her loss of Nick while dealing with Jake's return. During the wake, Melissa has put up with Faye's thing for Jake and reminded her that the day is about Nick. Melissa told Faye that she loves him and Faye told her that he loved her too.

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