The relationships that Nick Armstrong has with various characters throughout the series.


Jake Armstrong

Main article: Jake and Nick

Jake and Nick

Nick and Jake

Jake is Nick's older brother and the two were close. Jake left town to join the witch hunters. Nick would tell Jake about his neighbor Cassie Blake and how Jake would like a girl like her.


Melissa Glaser


Nick And Melissa Kissing

Main article: Nick and Melissa

Nick dated Melissa and has a sexual relationship with her. She has feelings for him though he denies having feelings in return. Nick believes that Melissa is using him. Nick started to believe that he would never be the person Melissa wanted him to be and tells her that she deserves better. Nick tried to help Melissa when she was possessed by a demon which later possessed himself. Faye revealed to Melissa that Nick loved her the day of Nick's wake.


Cassie Blake


Nick And Cassie In Pilot

Main article: Cassie and Nick

Cassie is Nick's nextdoor neighbor. He would often look at Cassie through the window while she is changing. He would work together with her while in the circle. He told his brother Jake about Cassie how he would like her.

Faye Chamberlain


Nick Giving Faye The Elixir

Main article: Faye and Nick

Nick was close to Melissa's friend Faye. They would often hang out together and Nick would give Faye an elixir he made. Faye would tell Nick to be nice with Melissa while they are in a relationship.

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