Nick and Melissa
General Information

Nilissa, Meck



First Met

in childhood

Intimacy Level


Portrayed By

Louis Hunter & Jessica Parker Kennedy

The relationship between Nick Armstrong and Melissa Glaser was more on-and-off until it became romantic. Their relationship ended with Nick's death.

Season One

Before Cassie arrived to Chance Harbor, he and Melissa started a sexual relationship. Melissa fell for Nick, but he didn't return her feelings, because he felt that she was using him, and vice versa. She tried to ask Nick to the dance with her at the School Dance, which he refused. Faye later told Nick, that Melissa liked him and he should be nice to her, which made him reconsider his own feelings. From this point on their relationship turned more into an actual romantic relationship.

Nick began to think that he may never be the person Melissa wanted and told her that she does deserve better than someone like him. She apologized to Nick for accusing him of only wanting her for sex, and they hooked up again. Melissa became posessed by a demon and Nick tried to help her getting rid of it. He revealed his true feelings for Melissa and then became posessed by the demon himself. He was drowned by Charles Meade to kill the demon.

Melissa was heartbroken and grieving after Nick's death and went into deep depression. Faye told her that Nick loved her too, which proved to be true due to becoming the person she wanted. She continues to miss Nick after his death.


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