The hooded figure of one of the witch in the coven

The Nidaros Coven, comprised of six witches who came to Chance Harbor and are from old blood, was killed by John Blackwell by using the power of his Medallion in the church of Sacred Heart. Blackwell used the Medallion to absorb their power, along with thousands of other witches' powers. In the episode Valentine, as Cassie Blake activated the Medallion, The Nidaros Coven were awakened and attracted to their powers, which they wanted back. However, Cassie destroyed the Medallion while the coven possessed Adam Conant, thereby destroying the powers in it and making the Nidaros ghost coven powerless.

Powers and abilities

"Six witches with the power of thousands! They would be unstoppable!"
— Jake Armstrong.

While most of their powers were taken from them as they were killed, the members of the mighty and ancient coven displayed astonishing power even in death. While ghosts, they had the power to become invisible, to teleport and to possess another witch--even making said witch cut his own flesh with a blade. They also have some degree of elemental control.

While the full extent of their powers are unknown, they are implied to be vast in the days before they were taken by the medallion, as they were from bloodlines of old Magic. Moreover, Jake declared that if the coven recovered their powers and used the extra part from the medallion they would be unstoppable.


The Nidaros Coven appeared as black hooded figures with a symbol at the top of the cloak. They appeared and disappeared whenever they wanted.

Notes and Trivia

  • According to Jake Armstrong and Isaac, the Nidaros Coven was destroyed years ago by John Blackwell.
  • They were one of the few covens to come directly from Europe instead of first settling in Salem.

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