Patrick Glaser
General Information
  • Male
  • Alive
Relationship Information
Significant Others
Patrick Glaser is the husband of Sophie Ann Glaser and the father of Melissa Glaser. After his wife perished in the Boatyard Fire sixteen years ago, he was the only member of the Chance Harbor Circle to remarry.

Patrick is a member of the Glaser Family.

Early Life

During his late teens (or early twenties), Patrick married Sophie Ann Glaser and had one daughter. He was also involved in a circle of witches that included members from the Armstrong Family, Blake Family, Balcoin/Blackwell Family, Chamberlain Family, Conant Family, and Meade Family.

On the night of the Boatyard Fire, his wife, Sophie Ann went to the boat to discuss a truce between the Circle and a group of Witch Hunters. It is likely that she was killed by the Witch Hunters rather than perished as a result of the fire.

Because Patrick is known to have survived but was not seen with Ethan Conant or mentioned to be on the boat deck with Dawn Chamberlain and Charles Meade, it is likely that he was one of only two circle members not on the boat that night.


Based on the ethnicity of his daughter as well as his nephew Holden Glaser, he is presumed to be African-American.


  • He was likely one of only two Circle members not on the boat the night of the Boatyard Fire.
  • He is the only Circle member to have remarried. It is unknown if his second wife is a witch.
  • It is unknown if either of his parents is currently or was previously an Elder, as it is unknown if the grandmother of Melissa we heard of is his mother or Sophie Ann's.

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