Sally Matthews
Sally Matthews
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  • Female
Cause of Death
  • Pushed off a warf
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"I have this distinct memory of her giving me her bitch stare... And then, me waking up on the rocks."
— Sally recalling her near-death experiance. [src]

Sally Matthews is the class president of Chance Harbor High School and a close friend of Cassie Blake.


Befriending Cassie

When Sally introduced herself to Cassie Blake, the two girls instantly became friends. After convincing Cassie to volunteer at the town's annual Sea Fair, she asked her to send tickets. During the fair, at night, Sally is fatally harmed when Faye Chamberlain, overpowered by a potion Nick prepared, accidentally pushed her over a balcony. Luckily, Dawn Chamberlain used a crystal to revive Sally.[1] On the following day, Sally had little to no memory of what happened to her, but was still getting flashes of Faye being responsible for this. She also noticed how Adam Conant and Cassie couldn't stop staring at each other. She later pushed Adam and Cassie to dance together, supposedly to make other people dance. When everyone is gone, she was checking in the corridors and discovered all lockers unlocked and papers on the ground, despite not knowing what happened.[2]


Sally is shown the be a sweet and kind person she is open to every one she is very nice to Cassie when she first moved to Chance Harbor.


Cassie Blake

Main article: Cassie and Sally

She first met Cassie at school and two became friends. They often hang out while helping with the fair and the dance. She would encourge her with her relationship with Adam. They stop hanging out after the dance and their relationship afterwards is unknown.

Faye Chamberlain

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She has a problem with Faye's attitude and the two would be rivals. She was pushed by Faye's magic and nearly got killed until Dawn revived her. She became suspecious of Faye due to her involvement with her injuries.


Notes and Trivia

  • In the books, Sally and Cassie are enemies and when Sally got acquainted with Witch Hunters, she decided to help them hunt Cassie.
  • Sally has not been seen since the Season 1 episode Loner.
  • Originally, Sally was written to be in the pilot script but when Kevin Williamson rewrote the it, she was taken out of it and was put in Bound instead.
  • Sally is one of two people in the show to have died and been resurrected using a Crystal, the other being Dawn Chamberlain.