Please continue the show for the fans. Do you even know how much love and passion the fans have towards this show? Please bring it back.


I am not one to get into these "drama" type series and have always thought that this show was geared towards teenage girls. I am still not sure if this is something I am "proud" of, but I am addicted to this show. I started watching this series off netflix  *long after the air date* and ended up finishing the series in two days. TWO DAYS! Considering I spent 15 hours and 18 minuts watching the show (plus time navigating between shows) out of 48 hours, I was *and still am* utterly hooked. Considering the rest of the time I spent sleeping, or with my freinds... thats alot of time. Although the cost of effects may seem obsessive compared to short term costs, thats not what television was built from. Great shows can not come at a great budget... LONG TERM capitol is what needs to be thought of, this will not only get people up out of the forums and watching the show again, but drive in a new audience to view the other content of the network. If I had the money I would buy up this pure gold, but unfortunatly I am a bit short. If you are reading this, PLEASE post your thoughts as well. Show that you want this show back


My daughter & I have enjoyed watching tv together because of this show.  She's 21 and don't get out due to her illness/handicap.  This is something that has brought us together and now you have ended it and we don't spend time together watching tv anymore.  It was helping us to get close again since she was a child.  Not only was I getting into the story line but got time with my daughter most of all & having fun with her.  Just the two of us.  I want to see what happens with the other kids that are out there since there is suppose be 12 teens not just 6.  We are both looking for the new season to start.  please you need to bring it back no matter what station carries the show.


Please let The Secret Circle continue, there will be further more arguments on the topic. If you don't save this, then there will be fans that will be defecting the show. Because all I know, that my sister said "They cannot cancel the show, they are just building up the anti in the series." but that if they will listen. I doubt that.

User:Kaybub It was only the beginning of this year that I started watching this amazing show. I saw the adds on FOX8 and headed straight to the internet to catch up....I watched four episodes in one night and I was obsessed with Cadam from the get go! The CW has made a huge mistake cancelling a show that had such a large fanbase and huge potential to grow. I've noticed that people are starting to take strike refusing to watch the CW until they agree (or another network) to pick up The Secret Circle. I think they really need to reconsider their cancellations and renewals....if nobody is going to watch the new pilots, well let's put it simply the CW are screwed.
User:lilith (Please fix your user name)

Dear CW NETWORK...please don't cancel the show, I will not watch your TV or your other networks ever again if you don't give us back the Secret Circle. I bet I'm not the only one, if you have no ideas what to do for season two let us fans know and we will help, we can't live without this show... I live in Europe and I will ask all european fans to sign this petition for THE SECRET CIRCLE. Thanks.

User:JordanaBrewsterFAN Dear CW, you used to be my favorite network. Even more than CBS. But your stupid decision made me think otherwise. Why did you cancel Ringer and TSC which were the 2 best shows during the 2011-12 years? Cancel Nikita and Hart of Dixie and bring back both Ringer and TSC. Seriously. You cancel the shows everyone watches and rewind the shows that everybody thinks are stupid. Get over yourselves and start doing what the fans would want.
User:SecretCircleMegaFan As a fan of LJ Smith's books, I was so glad you picked up one of my favorite stories. And I was more when I saw Phoebe Tonkin would play in the show my favorite character, Faye. I've been following the news from July to the moment Pilot aired. I'll mention quickly I've always loved the show, even when people had to criticize it. And when I heard you didn't chose it in your early renewals, I was like... "Okay, we're safe. They just want to scare us." But then you really cancelled the show, and my week-end was ruined. You know TSC is some serious stuff. Don't let it go.
User:Galdorgalere Dear CW, I'm a huge fan of TSC and TVD from Greece. Ok, I'm happy for the renewal of TVD but I reeeeallly hate that stupid decision to cancell TSC. For what? For that stupid Nikita girl? Seriously? Come on guys!!! You cancelled a show at its very beggining. You need to reconsider your choises more wisely! And stop being kids and grow up! Bring back TSC, bring back our happiness!! Don't make us, the fans of TSC, screw your channel. Because we can and we will, if you keep cancell great shows like this one. Thank you and I hope to see soon the renewal of the show!! :)
User: TSCFan4 (Please fix your user name)

So disappointed in the CW for canceling this show. Finally something refreshing that went along well with The Vampire Diaries. I feel like the show just needs more of a chance - it was a little slow moving in the beginning but picked up throughout the year and was suspenseful and dramatic with great characters and plot. Not to mention that the CW is replacing it with a medical drama (because there aren't enough of those) and Sex in the City prequel?? Plus they chose to keep Hart of Dixie?? Clearly the CW lacks support of it's shows as it keeps debuting shows for one to two seasons before canceling them. It's dangerous to watch the CW knowing a show you love could likely be pulled after you're hooked. If CW doesn't reconsider, I hope another network picks up The Secret Circle and keeps going with it. There were so many directions for the show to take and I thought it had so much potential, especially on Thursdays with The Vampire Diaries. Now we'll be stuck with what Grey's Anatomy 2? PLEASE RECONSIDER! {C}

User:lorinah (Please fix your user name) I am so upset that they are cancelling this show! CW, have you not seen the final episode!?!?!?! This is an amazing show and something the station desperately needed. I mean Supernatural and Gossip Girl have gone down hill. The only thing left to call it a great television station was The Secret Circle and The Vampire Diaries. I mean how in the heck could you keep One Tree Hill on for a million years but get rid of something with such a great cast and storyline. If you guys can't recognize a great show then hopefully SYFY or another station will pick them up. You made a big mistake just like you did when The Game was cancelled and another network snatched them. PLEASE BRING BACK QUALITY...BRING BACK THE SECRET CIRCLE!!!!!
User: Mikedude Saying I love TSC is an understatement. This show is incredible. It did have a rocky start, but EVERY episode was better than the last. The second season has so much potential and so many interesting angles that I KNOW that I will love it even more than the first. This show is everything that I look for in TV. Intersting character, good and bad pasts, flawed thinking, incredible stories, and especially the character dynamic between all of them. I love how friendships like Mellisa and Adam and Diana and Mellisa have progressed. Their freindships never seemed forced or cheap, none of the relationships did! Please bring The Secret Circle back for a second season, because all of us fans knows that this show DESERVES it!!
User: MaxxZolanski The secret circle was the best new show on the CW. The ratings was perfect for a renewal. It was certain to be renewed for the first half of the season. Then they started doing those stupid long breaks every other week. It went from certain renewal to likely renewal to on the bubble that quick. The CW really made the dumbest mistake of the 2011-2012 season!!!!! I'm not supporting The CW until they bring back The Secret Circle!!!!!!!!!!
User: MiaInWonderland Hi I live in the UK and am FORCED due to my dad's crazy work hours, to record The Secret Circle and watch it the next day. I watched the first three episodes online and then I was hooked! This is an AMAZING show, and you Cancelled it without giving it a real chance to grow. It couldn't start off with a Bang, it had to build up to it, and boy did it. The fact that you kept Gossip Girl (which should of ended after season two) but removed this Jewel from tv, is INSULTING! I love TVD but I will like many more go on strike until TSC it back on our screens! PLEASE CW, GIVE US BACK THE SECRET CIRCLE!!!

They have to bring back the secret circle!the show is fun and entertaining!!!!season 2 will be epic!!!!!!please reconsider!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

User:jules i love the program its the only one thing i watch to please dont get rid of it
User:Original Authority I started to watch this show when i found this wikia and it was owned by another person i interact with on another wikia so i thought why not check this show out and i fell in love with it i did and when i found out it was cancelled i nearly dieid (not literally obv.)
User: Lizzy1990 I feel so sad, not having been a huge fan when the show started, but gradually growing to love it. And now that it's all over and we weren't given a proper good-bye, I can't get my mind off of it. I was literally watching other finales tonight and found myself wondering what would happen to Diana. This cannot go on. My mom and I need answers!
User: XXDarkDivaXX Eventhough The Secret Circle is not my most favorite show, I think the show deserves to have a second season because the first season was left with untold secrets and epic endings. I fell in love with it when first saw the promo video on the CW channel. I continue to watch it and what I found about the show is a dark path that a group of teenagers have to face. So I hope TSC would be re-new to let those hungry fans out there discover the final and most desirable endings.
User: Isableue Please CW, bring back The Secret Circle. Don't you hear the passion of the TSC's fans ? Certainly, CW has only a calculating machine in place of the heart. But love knows no reason. We won't give up.
User: AaronHW Please bring the show back! ABC Family or CW, hear our pleas! The show was absolutely amazing and it didn't get a fair chance to grow and thrive like other shows. Please! Renew!
User: CharmedMilliE The Secret Circle was a great show and there is no good reason why the CW cancelled it. Bring back the Secret Circle. SAVE THE CIRCLE.
User:Damon-Balthazar-Salvatore Please, me and serveral other fans need a second season of TSC, it's amazing, the story is really good, the cast is wonderfull, the writes are incredible, all the series is good, please give it a 2nd chance CW or ABC Family pick it up.

please dont get rid of the secret circle, i have recorded all of the episodes and watched them again and again if it goes it will be a horrible loss to the CW channel!!!!!

User:anon OMG DON'T CANCEL THE SECRET CIRCLE! ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?!? I live in the UK and I saw an advert with Pheobe Tonkin in it for TSC before it started and decided i'd give it a go as I love Pheobe! I ended up LOVING TSC and became absolutely addicted!! I've never missed an episode and love every single one! I've loved watching the characters and the story develop and I think it would be crazy to cancel TSC, there are so many ways it could be expanded in another season. PLEASE BRING THE SECRET CIRCLE BACK!!!!!
User: Crims79 This show is worth saving, enough said.
User:TeamStamon This is the best show! It had more viewers than the shows the CW picked, just because it dropped 50% of TVD viewrs. The finale ended with multiple directions for the characters to go and many fans were looking forward to it! One fan donate over $5000 to charity to save the show and there are over 70,000 signatures to save the show, So SAVE THE CIRCLE
User:JoMo Don't cancel this show. The storyline hooks you & the cast is wonderful. I, like many others, am obsessed with it! C'mon guys, save the circle.
User:annoymous They cant cancel the show we should march up to the studieos and protest. how could they get rid of the best show they need to regather their thoughts and bring the show back. they cant just leave the show with a cliff hanger it shouldnt end like that. BRING IT BACK, BRING IT BACK, BRING IT BACK
User:CorineKlinger The Secret Circle is the most wonderful serie that I ever watched, so you can't stop it of this way. Please continue with the second season, the first had been inconclusive, please We need it!
User:Mathlos Fan de Argentina!! Por favor que vuelva esta gran serie!! es una de las que mas me ha atrapado en mucho tiempo.... Realmente es una descilucion haberme enterado que la hayan cancelado!! PLEASE CONTINUE WHIT THIS SERIE!!!!
User:Annoymous I didn't watch it when it was being aired, but it is amazing! I watched the last episode today and i'm craving more! I've never been so attached to a show, I'm begging you to bring it back! It has amazing potential! This show is one of my favourites and I'm also saddened that it's not being released on DVD. I can't stress to you enough that it needs to be brought back!

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