Scarlett Forsythe
General Information
  • Female
  • Witch
  • Alive
Relationship Information
  • Linda Whittier † (maternal aunt)
  • Suzan Whittier † (maternal cousin)
Character Information
First Appearance
Last Appearance
What was it you asked me back at the Mission House? 'Who's Daddy's favorite?' Now you have your answer.
— Scarlett to Cassie Blake [src]

Scarlett Forsythe is the daughter of Black John and Laura Forsythe, half-sister of Cassie Blake, and maternal cousin of Suzan Whittier. She originally came to New Salem to kill Cassie and take her place in the Circle, but after Suzan's death, Scarlett reforms and helps to defeat her evil ancestors.

Early Life

The Secret Circle

The Divide

The Hunt

The Temptation


Scarlett at first appeared to be a nice person, but her true motives are revealed when she attempts to kill Cassie and steals the Master Tools. After being initiated into the Circle, Scarlett reforms and reveals that it was her dark magic behind her actions.

Physical Appearance

Powers and Abilities

Being of Blak descent, Scarlett possessed powerful dark magic that she has used extensively throughout the series. She demonstrated an affinity to reading the ancient language in Black John's Book of Shadows, and also has great knowledge of dark spells.




  • In the TV series, Scarlett is replaced by Diana as Cassie's half-sister.

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