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Sunset Marina

Sea Fair is an event that took place in Chance Harbor, Washington in the episode Bound. It likely took place near the Boathouse Bar and Grill.

Season One

After meeting Sally Matthews, class president of Chance Harbor High School, Cassie Blake agreed to help sell raffle tickets at the school booth. Faye Chamberlain and Melissa Glaser also attended the event, where they used magic in a ring toss game, which was observed by the Elder Henry Chamberlain, confirming his suspicions that the younger generation was practicing magic.

Presumably the later party where Faye accidently knocks Sally Matthews off the deck, to her death using magic, was also associated with this event. Dawn healed Sally using a crystal, which was observed by Henry Chamberlain and led to a confrontation in which Dawn killed Henry using the same crystal. The accident also led to the decision of the younger generation to bind their circle.

The fair takes place every year.


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