Power of blood have I over thee!
— Sean invoking his power against Black John [src]
Sean Dulany
General Information
  • December 3, 1975
  • Male
  • Witch
  • High School Student
  • The Club
Relationship Information
  • Mr. Dulany (father)
  • Eve Dulany † (mother)

Sean Dulany is a sixteen-year-old boy who resides in New Salem with his family. After the arrival of Cassie Blake, Sean is initially weary of Cassie, and finds her to be an "unnatural witch". Throughout the series, Sean has a very distant relationship with everyone except Faye, for whom he has an undying respect. It's later revealed that Black John possessed him to commit several murders but the Circle was able to heal him from the curse. He later develops a good relationship with Cassie because "she is nice to him".

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