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  • Female
  • Deceased
Cause of Death
  • Stabbed
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"You were closer to kissing her than killing her!"
— Simone, to Jake Armstrong about Cassie Blake. [src]

Simone was a ruthless female witch hunter that was sent to Chance Harbor by a group of witch hunters to kill all of the witches in the area. She failed and was murdered by fellow witch hunter, Jake Armstrong.


Chance Harbor Attacks

Simone's first actions in Chance Harbor were to burn a crescent moon shaped fires near the lands of witches in Chance Harbor to scare them. The symbol meant "conquest" and was set aflame upon a witches' land to let them know they'd been marked for death. The group initially assumed it was Jake Armstrong, but Simone was actually the culprit, intent on killing the Circle.

She first attacked Cassie in her home, slicing open her arm with a rune-inscribed ritualistic dagger. She was attacked by Jake and was driven out with a spell performed by both Jake and Cassie, but not before she retrieved a cotton swab of Cassie's blood. Jake later found her in her motel room and mentioned it being too soon for "blood letting", insinuating that as the usage for Cassie's blood. This is when it is shown that Jake is actually a witch hunter himself, and has been sent to Chance Harbor along with the same group as Simone.

Simone met up with Jake again later during Nick Armstrong's wake, and confronted him about his true intentions concerning the circle. She attempted to kill Jake, but was intercepted by Cassie, giving Jake the upper hand, and he killed her by rolling her onto her own knife.[1]

A piece of her weapon left behind

Unknown to Simone, her attack on Cassie damaged her dagger which left a piece of it under a couch in Cassie's house. Cassie found the piece and later found that it belonged to a clan of witch hunters.[2]


Notes and Trivia

  • She was the second witch hunter to be introduced in Wake, the first being Jake Armstrong. She is also the first and only female witch hunter to be introduced throughout the series.
  • She is the first witch hunter to be killed by a witch hunter.


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